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"Now we Settle for Half".

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"Now we Settle for Half" A dispute may only end when one side has been defeated. The side can be destroyed through raw fighting or peaceful legal actions. In the play, "A View from the Bridge," the battle is between two prominent characters, Eddie and Marco whose objective is to get rid of each other using either justice or law. Eddie uses the law by snitching to the Immigration Bureau about the opponent who is an illegal immigrant. Marco uses what he and his culture will consider justice by humiliating and, in the end, killing Eddie. " Now we settle for half and I like it better" (pg.12) ...read more.


"He robbed my children, he mocks my work. I work to come here," (pg. 79) proclaims Marco who is destined to return back to poverty. Through this quote the audience can see that the law did not compromise for both parties but left Eddie writhing in success and Marco to starve with his family in Italy. " Where is the law for that," questions Marco who is utterly disgusted at the measures taken by Eddie. Marco thought that justice will only be done with the death of Eddie. " In my country he would be dead by now," (pg. 79) asserts Marco whose only intentions were to kill Eddie once bailed out of jail. ...read more.


Everybody knows that you spit in his face." (pg. 78) Eddie has completely lost his name in the community and is labeled as a traitor. " He's a rat! He belongs in the sewer," (pg. 81) states Catherine who is ashamed to look upon him. This is justice and again only Marco wins all. Eddie is left friendless and an outcast of the whole community. No solutions can be made and no compromise was considered. Attempts were made by Beatrice and Catherine to reconcile the disagreement between the two but none prevailed. This all concludes with the tragic ending of Eddie who dies with a stab in the heart. In the end, one question needs to be asked - who gained? Ryan Abraham 23/9/02 ...read more.

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