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Nowadays children and adults are trying smoking more than ever. Statistics show that In the UK 450 children start smoking every day.

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SMOKING "Smoking is good for you!" Quotes Geoff Pattison this week! "The secret to a longer life may have been discovered in the most unlikeliest of places according to scientists this week - the cigarette." This is surprising. He also goes on to say, "Speaking from the Intensive Care Unit, where he was recovering from a sextuple heart bypass and having had both lungs removed, the report's author confirmed that he had smoked all his life and reached the grand old age of 34 without any ill effects." This is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. How could smoking be good for you and others around you? If the boss of the largest cigarette company in the world, Bernays PR stints, is saying that smoking is bad that is saying something, he told a newspaper that smoking is "not good for you". There are many things linked to smoking that proves that smoking is bad for you and people around you. There are links to lung, throat, stomach and bowel cancer also asthma, bronchitis, more prone to colds and flu, eating disorders and the list goes on and on. Why do people start in the first place? "6000 BC: Experts believe the tobacco plant, as we know it today, begins growing in the Americas." ...read more.


Strangely enough cigarettes now became looked at as "The Torches of Freedom", as the event was poetically named. Ten debutantes were paid to walk down Fifth Avenue in New York with lit cigarettes while the pre-warned media took their pictures. Bernays PR stints tore down barriers, which people had over women smoking in public places, making Lucky Strikes cigarettes, the fastest growing brand in the country. This event marked the first time women smoked openly on the streets. During days following the event women were seen smoking on the streets all across the nation. With Bernays help, the tobacco industry convinced a generation of women to light up. His next public relations scheme was to play on women's historical fear of fat. The genius marketer persuaded weight-conscious women that a cigarette was just the thing to substitute for a sweet. He highly publicized Lucky Strike's slogan "Reach for a Lucky Instead of a Sweet". Largely supported by the medical community in his claims, Bernays created the imagery that impacted the nation from Hollywood to Wall Street. And he did it all without anyone knowing his client, The American Tobacco Company, was behind it. One of his main tasks was to daily discredit new research linking smoking to deadly diseases. Bernays was successful for many years refuting claims that smoking was a risk to health. ...read more.


They could have bought a luxury yacht when they were 50 if they hadn't started. Lung cancer as a cause of death has grown 5 times faster than other cancers since 1938; behind stomach cancer, it is now the most common form of the disease. Medical evidence as far back as the, Sept. 30th 1950 British Medical Journal, a study by Richard Doll and Bradford Hill, found that heavy smokers were fifty times as likely as non-smokers to contract lung cancer. The cost to the NHS and the taxpayer is enormous. Today we see the warning signs on the packets of cigarettes but it hasn't always been like that. Before 1970s there wasn't warnings on the packets but in 1974 the manufactures put warnings on the packets, which later became law. In 1981 even insurance companies would give non-smokers lower rates because smokers were seen as high-risk clients. More needs to be done to lower this burden on the economy, and encourage people not to smoke or stop. In today's society two thirds of smokers in our time want to stop smoking, there isn't a better time than now because the sooner they do the better. In public places in the Republic of Ireland it is illegal to smoke already and the sooner it catches on over here the better. "SMOKING SERIOUSLY DAMAGES YOU AND OTHERS ROUND YOU," Caption taken directly from a cigarette packet. My advice is "DON'T START YOU WON'T LIVE TO REGRET IT!" ...read more.

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