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Nurse's letter

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Dear Maria, How is life treating you? I hope you have been well and happy. I have missed you terribly and often wish you were here by my side, to counsel me through these terrible times. Oh how I wish things were the same as before. When you and I would take my little Juliet to the park, and she would play and play without a care in the world. It is memories like that, which often stop me from leaving this forsaken place. And believe me when I tell you this Maria, I have come very close to leaving this place recently. I feel my presence is not needed here anymore. I no longer feel at home. These Capulet's do not appreciate me, after all I have done for them. Even my Juliet has betrayed me, when all I did was try and help her. Maria, you know I have only ever wanted the best for her. I raised her as if she was my own and she looked to me as if I was her mother. She told me things she would not have dared speak of to her mother. She confided everything in me Maria, and in return I always advised her to the best of my wisdom. Lord knows I would have done anything in my power to protect her. Oh Maria! ...read more.


He was in such a temper. Maria, you wouldn't have even recognised him, with the way he was shouting and cursing. It was as if he'd gone mad. And poor little Juliet, being the sweet girl she was, tried to reason with him. She thanked her father for the thought, she even begged him on her knees to stop the marriage. But my Lord would not hear any of it. Even when I tried to help the situation he cursed me. A "mumbling fool" is what he called me. I was deeply offended by his hurtful words. Like I said, he was not himself at the time. He had been overcome with rage and so I try not to hold it against him. But sometimes I do feel to leave this place, to desert these Capulets. Maybe then my lord will know that I am good for more than just gossiping. As that is all he thinks of me. After all without my dearest Juliet, there is nothing left here for me anymore. What am I to do? Oh, I'm sorry Maria. Silly me. I've rambled on again haven't I? Well as I was telling you, poor Juliet was in a state. She was married to Romeo, while betroved to Paris. And seeing the situation as it was, with Romeo being banished, as well as being an arched enemy of the family. ...read more.


They chased him all the way to the chapel where Juliet's body lay. He locked the doors and finally he was alone with Juliet. For what good it did him. While the police were trying to get in the chapel, it is said that Romeo, who like the rest of us, believed Juliet to be dead; drank a deadly poison in the hope off joining Juliet in another life. Only after he had swallowed the poison did Juliet wake from her sleep; to see her beloved Romeo struggling to fight in his last seconds of life. I imagine how hurt and distraught my Juliet must have been. So much it drove her to take her own life. If only she had entrusted me with her plan, I could have helped her; maybe even prevented this whole catastrophe from happening. If only I had known something. If only..! Maybe it was all fate. It must have been written in the stars. And who am I to argue with them. I am sorry to have been the bearer of bad news, Maria. I just really needed someone to talk to and felt it was only right you knew. I will continue to stay with the Capulets and see how it goes. If they need me I will serve them still. If I am not needed here anymore I'll come and visit you. Take care of your self, my friend. I hope I have not caused you too much distress, I know how much you like the Capulets. But as I said before; It was destined to be. ...read more.

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