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Oak’s name matches his character Dependable and Strong. Discuss Oak’s love for Bathsheba in Far From The Madding Crowd.

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Oak's name matches his character Dependable and Strong. Discuss Oak's love for Bathsheba in Far From The Madding Crowd. Gabriel Oak has a very remarkable name. The name Gabriel is from the Bible and Gabriel was the messenger sent to Mary to say that she was to have God's baby. Oak means many things; he is most like an oak tree though strong, sturdy and solid. There are many references to him being like this "His height and breath would have been sufficient to make his presence imposing at an exhibition" He is also been described as an individual by the way he walks "Oak walked unassumingly, and with a faintly perceptible bend, yet distinct from a bowing of the shoulders. This may be said to be a defect in an individual if he depends for his valuation more upon his appearance" Oak trees give this impression of being independent and individual and very English, which Gabriel is. He is a man of no extremes and takes things in his stride. He has a tall broad pleasant smile which sums up his character. "Corners of his mouth spread... his eyes were reduced to chicks, and diverging wrinkles appeared around them, extending upon his countenance like the rays in a rudimentary sketch of the rising sun" When Gabriel firsts sees Bathsheba he agrees with the toll keeper, the gatekeeper says, "That's a handsome maid," Gabriel says " but she has her faults ... ...read more.


She leaves Boldwood hopeful of letting him marry her. She asks Gabriel what he thinks. "That it is unworthy of any thoughtful and meek and comely woman" As soon as Gabriel tells us her that she becomes very cross and doesn't like him saying that even thought it is his honest opinion. She asks him where he thinks her unworthiness lies and suggests it was in not marrying him. He denies this and this makes Bathsheba more upset, as she wants him to still want to marry her. Gabriel does still want to but wouldn't say in front of her as it would comfort her and he does not want that. Gabriel judges that "you are greatly to blame" and that she must lead them on like a pastime and if she truly loved Boldwood she would not send it by valentine. "I cannot allow any man to-to criticize my private conduct...so you'll please leave the farm at the end of the week" and Gabriel replies "very well Miss Everdene - so it shall" and he walks off, Bathsheba is probably hoping he will apologise and ask for his job back but doesn't. I think that this scene is very formal between the two of them and restrained, but I think Gabriel is right in the situation though. Less than 24 hours after he finished working they were asking him for help. Shepherd Oak was the only person in the area who could deal with the problem that Bathsheba's sheep had got into the clove field and were all getting blasted. ...read more.


"It broke upon her at length as a great pain that her last old disciple was about to forsake her and flee...was leaving her to fight her battles on her own" As the months go by she becomes withdrawn and Oak hands all the business and he still never bumps into her but avoids her. This makes Bathsheba unhappy, as she now knows she loves him and it might be too late. She goes down to see him one evening after he sends a harsh letter saying that he would not want to renew his contract for next year and would be leaving. She promptly went down to see him, when answering the door Oak did not recognise her but seems pleased to see her. "But what are you going away for?" Bathsheba asks Oak but he has a surprise for her. "I am not emigrating" these words are such a relief to Bathsheba but becomes confused and he says that he is taking over full ownership of Mr Boldwood's farm that he doesn't need to be here and it not like Bathsheba will ever marry him. "I'm sniffing about here waiting for poor Mr Boldwood's farm with a thought of getting you someday" This comes as a real shock to Bathsheba and says that she would like to marry Gabriel. They marry quietly by themselves. No one knows apart from one worker who later that tells the others and set off a cannon. Gabriel does live up to his name through out the novel dependable and strong. ...read more.

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