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Oblivion - Imaginative writing

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Oblivion I clearly heard the chains rattling against the wheel of the ride. Slowly we moved higher and higher. From the top the entire park was visible. Gradually the ride turned. A shiver ran down my spine. I turned my head. My brother had his eyes shut. We were at the edge. The drop was vertical. Tears came to my eyes. My view became misty. I was so frightened. For a second or two the ride stopped. We looked down at the blackness that lay beneath us. I froze; all of a sudden the brakes let go of the massive carriage. I woke up, my whole body jerking spasmodically and instantly I realized I had a nightmare. That was all it had been. Just a wicked dream; I was safe in my comfortable bed. From the open window I could begin to hear the rattle of the rides. Panic and excitement rose inside me I was seized by a sense of terror exciting terror once more. ...read more.


I nervously asked my dad if there was any other way to get to the ticket stand. My dad replied no! I started to panic. I was 100% sure that I was on a ride that would drop and turn. Half way through I realised I was wrong. I was I was humiliated and ashamed of my self. I could see my brother giggling at me. I was so embarrassed; I could not lift my head because I felt so silly. When we reached the ticket stand, there were not many people queuing for the tickets. While standing, waiting for the ticket the most extraordinary thing happened. People were talking about Oblivion and saying it was not very alarming. That was unbelievable. That gave me a lot more confidence. I was now ready to take on anything. We bought the tickets and entered Alton Towers. It is largest, most exciting theme park in Britain. My parents were heading for the ride Oblivion but I was not quite ready for that yet so I decided to go the other way. ...read more.


I was thinking I was king of the world, king of all rides. We could not stop talking about it. I was now so confident I wanted to go on Oblivion. I made my way there with my family besides me. I saw the queue, which was five minutes long. My heart was throbbing. We waited patiently. It was our turn; my stomach began twisting and churning. I was getting nervous. As the evening drew in. The sun was setting in the eastern horizon I had to make the decision whether or not to sit in the carriage. I decided to sit in. The safety bar came down, making me feel like a caged bird. The ride started to move. As the ride rose diagonally we went higher and higher. As we turned slowly, my heart was thumping. Gradually we reached the drop. We were hanging down, staring at the black hole, which lay beneath us. I took my final breath as the brakes let go of the carriage. I was gasping for breath, I was unable to scream. The black hole engulfed us. By Nayyar Ali Nayyar Ali ...read more.

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