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Observe the changes in the relationship between Pip and the convict Abel Magwitch in chapters 1 and 39 by examining aspects such as the settings around the two characters and their emotions.

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In this essay, I am to observe the changes in the relationship between Pip and the convict Abel Magwitch in chapters 1 and 39 by examining aspects such as the settings around the two characters and their emotions. I intend to focus on areas and themes such as the weather and how that ties in with the relationship and actions of the two characters. I will investigate how Dickens enhances the changes and similarities between the chapters by analysing their reactions towards one another and how that changes in both chapters. The title of the novel is significant when considering the changes that occur for Pip and the convict because it could reflect the expectations that certain people have for him such as Miss. Havisham. We may think this because we see that Miss Havisham pays a lot of attention to Pip at the start of the play which leads him to believe later in the play that she is the mysterious benefactor. It could also reflect everyones expectations towards Pip so the expectations may not be great but all of them together in a sense are great. ...read more.


The characters are similar in their situation, they are both lonely and in need of help as such. Pip is feeling sad and down as he is at the grave of his family, though he never met them, it isn't that he feels no emotion, they are his family after all. But he needs someone to comfort him and Abel Magwitch needs help escaping the law so in this instance they are similar. Also, the convict is escaping injustice as he was found guilty of crimes he didn't commit because of Compesant having more of an educated background so in a sense he is innocent and has done nothing wrong and is in a dire situation where he has to use his strength to help him. Pip is also innocent. He is a small boy whose parents and family have all died of nothing to do with him so he could be feeling as if he is wondering why all this is happening to him just as the convict although he knows why this is happening but is still innocent. The convict is seemingly brought to life by the clothes he is wearing which also have meaning. ...read more.


Abel has changed physically too, he certainly has more money as he has stopped with his criminal ways and he is now wearing better clothes. He wears a hat and a rough outer coat, a sign that he is out of prison and doing what he wants and what he wants is to visit Pip to show his gratitude. Once Pip finds out that Abel is the mysterious benefactor he is shocked and angry as he thought it was Miss Havisham who was the benefactor and he almost feels like a criminal himself as it is the convict's money that he was receiving. This once again is quite rude and shows how he sees working class people. At this point the relationship between the two characters is different from chapter 1 as Abel Magwitch is polite towards Pip and you could think that he was his servant. Pip on the other hand is more like the convict from chapter 1, being rude and mean. This shows that there is a great contrast between the two chapters and that the characters seemed to have "switched roles" and changed personalities. They are similar however in the fact that they are both better off monetarily and happier. ...read more.

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