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Obsession is a major theme in the novel Enduring Love by Ian McEwan

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OBSESSION It doesn't seem to be about sex. It's an obsession. He's completely fixated on me. He doesn't think about anything else. Meaning: Obsession is a strong idea or feeling that controls some ones behaviour. Obsession is a major theme in the novel 'Enduring Love' by Ian McEwan. This is seen throughout the entire novel through Joe, Clarissa and Parry. Without the sense of obsession in this book, it would be extremely boring and not many people would want to buy or read it. Joe is sickened by Parry's love for him and Clarissa finds Joe to be insane and saying Parry is a figure of his imagination. This finally brings Clarissa to leave Joe and for Joe to go and shoot Parry. Jed Parry's obsession with Joe is the most important and the longest and most drastic obsession story in the novel. From Jed following Joe to the library, to the flowers on the bench as Joe runs outside into the square after him. To all of the missed calls on the answering machine and all of the hours standing outside of the window quietly and patiently waiting for Joe to admit that he loves Parry as much as he loves Joe. ...read more.


This causes Clarissa to feel a little guilty about the whole matter because she insisted that Joe was delusional and had lost his mind, and that causes her to think about going back to Joe. I drove to Camden Town to collect Clarissa. She must have been looking out for my car, for as soon as I parked she appeared at the top of the steps outside her brother's flat. Joe has many obsessions throughout the novel, including science, Parry and Clarissa. Joe's obsession with Parry is fairly large in the book. Joe's feelings towards this are good, bad and somewhat neutral. The good feelings are that there is someone there that is in love with him beside the love of his life, Clarissa and that causes him to feel as though he is important and that he is definitely wanted in this world. The bad feelings are that Joe feels threatened and frightened and he feels as though his life could be in danger and that he is driving Clarissa insane everyday that goes past and every second of those days. ...read more.


Clarissa and Joe have frequent talks about him becoming a scientist again and they always end with him promising that he agrees that there is no more of a chance of getting back into science. The final obsession that Joe has is that of what happened with the balloon incident. This causes Joe to revisit the site of the accident (Chapter 15) and reflect on the differences and the things that are exactly the same as the first time that they were there and most of all, Logan's death. Joe cannot admit that he was the first to let go (of the rope) and that causes him to distrust himself and to disbelieve himself about the incident and makes him think of ways that they could have done things better to make it all effective and proper. This all (above) shows how obsession is a theme in Enduring Love by Ian McEwan. It also shows how people can have so many obsessions or fascinations within a short time period that could make or break them or change their lives. This therefore shows that everyone can be guilty of having an obsession such as Joe, Parry and Clarissa do in this novel. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Nicholas Kinnaird Yr 11T JHA 11IB ENGLISH ...read more.

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