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Oceans of Sand.

Extracts from this document...


Chapter 1 So it began, another day of my dreadful life, rejected by nations all over the conniving planet of Mars, even my home nation of Germutania banished me for believing that God is nothing but an evil, unforgiving s.o.b. Everyone hates me, no matter where I go, people boo me, and even spit at me, and always will. I am self-taught in every way, no family except my beloved hamster Dr. Drake Remoray Jr. Today is the day of my court trial, once again about my beliefs of religion and god. It'll be in the international court of Tecsas, Amerika. After this nightmare of a trial, I could end out banished completely from Mars, and sent to Earth, the rejected planet. It's bad enough being banished from fifteen countries world wide, but the only I can go from here is down the "green mile" or down to earth, o.k, so everything on Mars is named after earth-like things, but still, Mars is a better place by far. Who would of thought that someone could have so much bad luck to have their court trial only two weeks after the death sentence was brought back. I shivered as I thought about it more. I went outside to find that a letter had been delivered to my doorstep. To my horror, it was a letter from the General Court of Amerika on Mars. It read; TGCOAmerika Tecsas Amerika CT4 MRS Mars Mr.Revo(ray) Today* will be the day of your court trial at the General Court of Amerika on Mars. The penalties have been changed to the following; * Maximum sentence; Death * Minimum sentence; Banishment from Amerika to Ikraine. This was decided earlier this week between President Minton, King Egbert of Enkland and Queen Glenda XIX of Ikraine. We will see you in court with your lawyer Jim Stuart. President Minton P.S *Applies if received on the 23rd Desember 2042 "WHOOA!" ...read more.


"I'm a twain dwiver, isn't dat sumfin!" I didn't know what to say, so I turned away and spoke to a lady, "Hi, I'm Drake Remoray, what's your name?" "I'm Charlotte. I'm here because I needed to escape from Mars due to my ex-husband becoming a mass murderer, and I was on he top of his list as soon as he got the divorce papers I sent him." She began to cry. "Don't worry" I tried to boost her self-confidence but she ran off, gaining more speed as she went on, still crying. "Hi, I'm Jodie" A woman that was dressed like a prostitute approached, I thought to myself, 'I reckon she's been around the block'. "I'm Drake." I showed very little interest in her, unlike her who showed a great interest in me, it was disturbing to tell the truth. "This desert is so bad for my hair. Anyway, I just want to get to my modelling studio in El Paso, so let's make this short." She spoke as if I wanted to have a big conversation. That left only one person that I didn't know, and he was a bit different from the rest, because he was dressed up in a carrot costume. I thought to myself, what a weirdo! "What's with the crazy costume, are you going to a fancy dress party or something?" I asked him with a bewildered look on my face. "Ohhhh!!! Yeah, that let me explain... I'm the mascot of the El Paso baseball team, I'm not just some lunatic like that Patrick or Eddy." Thank god he wasn't like Patrick or eddy, I wouldn't be able to cope with them. I'm not even sure I'll be able to cope with those two for so long. "My name's Drake" I sighed, "I was banished from Mars for my beliefs in God." "I'm Tommy, but the El Paso baseball fans like to call me Chris Carrot." ...read more.


After thirty minutes of running and giggling, I decided to stop and take a "breather". We continued by walking slower, and gaining my energy back. Just after this, it happened, the dream had become reality. I saw it... . EL PASO!!! "YES!" We both shouted as loud as we could, we had made it, we were so happy, it was the greatest day of our lives. "You said that you had a feeling about this day, you were right, we made it" When she finished speaking she hugged me as hard as she could. This was the end, or at least I believed it to be so. Fin How life went on for me (and Luana). We ate like pigs for almost three weeks; we ate as much as we would have in the three weeks in the first night. Two months after we reached El Paso, Luana and I got married, it wasn't a big wedding because most of Luana's family lived on Mars, and I simply had no family. Yep you guessed it, seven months after that Luana gave birth to a baby boy, then a baby girl, then another baby boy. Their names are Tom, Susan and we couldn't resist calling one Patrick. Yes, I know what you're thinking; I went to see the "Gangreene Gang." And they just wanted to offer me a job in their company, I was expecting to be threatened for something or other, but the letter was just to help them recruit anyone that they can because it was a new company when I arrived on Earth. Well now I'm on top of the world, I've got a wonderful new family, a great house, plenty of friends and loads of money... �60,000 a year, So much better than no family, a beaten up shack, no finds and no money. I was glad that I was sent back to Earth, and that the train crashed, I took like a test from God, and I passed, so he rewarded me. Oh yes, I forgot to say, I believe in God, and I love him. ...read more.

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