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Of Mice And Men

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Of mice and men is a novel set back in the 1930's. During the 1930's there was a 'great depression', this was where the stock market had crashed in the United States. It created a chain effect and made work hard for everyone back then. Soon after this everyone had no work or land and would have to travel miles just to find some kind of farm work. It was a great American dream back then if you owned just a tiny bit of land but even then it was usually sold to make a bit of money. All of these factors created a sense of insecurity. In the novel all characters (accept one) showed 1 or more signs of insecurity. Firstly Lennie is quite simple minded in the novel. He can't live on his own he always need someone with him, George being the guy needing to be there for him for example ' jus' a dead mouse, George I didn' kill it. Honest' this show us Lennie can't even keep a mouse with out killing it so there's no a chance in hell he's going to be able to look after himself. ...read more.


George is trying to make the dream reality. Additionally candy is insecure. Because he is disabled he is unable to buck barley and must stay at the ranch and clean up 'The old man came in slowly into the room. He had his broom in his hand'. This must make him feel quite lonely. Candy also gets sucked into the dream after his dog is sadly shot. ' Candy went on excitedly, 'how much they want for a place like that' after his dogs death candy is trying to cling on to something. Fourthly Curley is one of the most insecure workers. He is described as being pugnacious. Curley also fancies himself quite the boxer and likes to pick on the bigger guys like Lennie 'and then smashed down his nose with a right. Lennie gave a cry of terror' but Lennie is a lot tougher than Curley and gets his hand destroyed 'he stood crying, his fist lost in Lennie's paw. He has quite a poor marriage 'Slim said, 'well you been askin' me too often. I'm getting' God damn sick of it. ...read more.


Crook's is most properly the most loneliness character in the novel as well, for example: 'Sure you could play horseshoes it got dark, but then you got to read books. Books ain't no good. A guy needs somebody- to be near him'. This just truly tells us how lonely he is. Furthermore Carlson is rather insecure. He shoots Candy's dog 'tell you what. I'll shoot him for you. Carlson gets straight quite a forcefully guy. Also when Curley has a go at Carlson, he has none of it. 'Carlson laughed. 'you God damn punk'. This is most properly why in the novel he is know as the 'big man'. Meanwhile Slim is the only person not insecure. Everyone just respects him he's just a laid back easy to talk to guy The setting of the ranch adds to the feeling of insecurity because the men come and go. No time to form relationships. Men just work then move on. No family eve mentioned between any of them, plus it quite a cold and gloomy place. Therefore nearly all the characters are outsiders, lonely, insecure. Because of the era of the 1930's there is little hope for any of them changing their lives- certainly the dream shall sadly never become reality ...read more.

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