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Of Mice And Men

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Classwork Of Mice And Men 24th April 2002 To some extent I think that all the main characters make some contribution towards the failure of the dream. The dream almost became a reality when George and Lennie were talking about their dream. Saying that they were gonna get a little place with a cow and maybe a pig and a few chickens and of course some rabbits which lennie adores so much. So when they finish talking about their dream George just sat entranced with his own picture. And then when candy spoke George and lennie both jumped as though they had been caught doing something reprehensible. Then candy said "You know where's a place like that?" said candy, and George was immediately on his guard "spose I do" so candy went on asking how much they would be asking for a place like that and George told him that he could probably get it for about six hundred bucks, so candy told George about his money saying "They give me two hundred an fifty dollars cause I los` my hand An I got fifty more saved up right in the bank" said candy. ...read more.


And then nearly to the end of the story lennie pets Curley's wife and accidentally breaks her neck too. So as you can see lennie, s urge to pet things builds up right from the start to the end from small things to bigger ones like curlews wife. Another downfall of lennie, s is that he does not understand how much strength he has for example when they were packing the bags of corn onto the kart in the field lennie was picking them up like they were bags of feathers and throwing them onto the kart one after the other like a machine and the other two men on the kart were having trouble trying to keep up with lennie, s pace. Also another way to show that e doesn't know his own strength is that when Curley, s wife was struggling to get away from lennie, he accidentally broke her neck. And he didn't even know he had broken her neck until he let her go and she wasn't moving. Furthermore lennie was strictly told by George to stay away from Curley's wife and that she was trouble. ...read more.


I also think that George did not need to shoot lennie because they could of tried to run away again and work at another ranch because all ranches are similar full of lonely migrant workers and now George is soon to become one as well working for the money then going down town and wasting it instead of saving it. George had two paths to walk down and he took the wrong one and that's life. Furthermore I think Curley contributed to the failure of the dream. I think curley because if Curley would of paid more attention to his wife she would not be walking around trying to talk to anyone she could find and she would not of been in the barn at the time when lennie broke her neck. And she would be in the house doing housework like most women did in those days. Instead of flirting with every man behind Curleys back and making him more jealous wife. George and lennie,s dream was just one step away but one mistake cost them everything. ?? ?? ?? ?? Craig Jenkins 10t ...read more.

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