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Of Mice and Men.

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Of Mice and Men. At the beginning both George & Lennie met at the rench near the river,close to the hill sides. The relationship between George & Lennie is that they are close friends.Acctualy George had promised Lennie's Aunt Clara that he will take care of Lennie, as she laid on the bed of death. "Some body'd shoot you for a coyote if you was by yourself. No you stay with me, your Aunt Clara wouldn't like it if you were Running off by your self, even if she's dead." Although Lennei is mch stronger,taller & muscular than Goerge, he still seems to depend on George. He forgets everything, he can't cook, he's got immature adult hood behaviour, he can't deal with day-to-day life. Where as George happens to be the leader. He cooks for him, takes care of him, & there relationship between them seems to be like father & son. H e does at times get angry & frustrated with him due to his behaviour or the attitude toward him having to forget everything. George & Lennie both carry a dream along themselves, which the want to fulfil, of having a place of there own, "With us it ain't like that new got a future. We got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about us. ...read more.


Right now he slashed a thump at Lennie withhis left, & then hit him under his nose. During the pain Lennie felt he cried for George's help. But unfotanly the beating was at limited for Lennie & was in anger,despite having George stood on his feet yelling above all, to Lennie, telling him to get him (revenge). "Get him Lennie" Although Lennie was much stronger & muscular than Curley, "Don't let him do it" Pain was getting to Lennie & the others in the room. At this stage Lennie covered his face with his huge pones (hand) & felt the beat ness of terror within himself, as then beating, as he again cried for George's help & the others to make him stop. Then again Curley had attacked him in the stomach & blow of his wind. The scene now was painful & thew feeling of careless struk every one, especially Slim as he stud to his feet to betray Curley. "The dirty little rat; he cried, I'll get' un my self" But George atn this stage grabbed Slim by holding out his hand,asking him to wait, as knew Lennie would get Curley back. He new it was at limited for Lennie & the support of them in the room defiantly want revenge from Curley. " Wait a minute" (George said to him) ...read more.


The old man was talking to creok ojn his bunk as Lennie arrived, & both Lennie & the old man started telling there story of them 3, haqving there place of there own,with Lennie's rabbits & other animals/habitats. Again Creok offered to put fowar some money, but as George walked in the room & having a suspicious shocking look on his face as he saw Lennie sitting there. The old man mentioned the thought offered by Creok, but the shock & discomfort of privacy shrook him as he apologised to them all but this place was supposed to be a secrete & a place of there own & no one was to know in case of trouble. During the conversation Curley's wife had walked in the room & interruptedly every one was shocked to her there especially if she had geard everything then trouble was to come, also her distance close to us would let her know what accually had happened to Curley that night. However later on in the argument with her & the others in the room she accually found out that it was Lennie who hert his hand & not the silly excuse of the machine.As Curley's wife tried to get on Lennie,George tried to hold Lennie away from her, & tried to get Curley's wife out of the room as Curley & his old man walked in the room,& suddenly intruptted the argument. ...read more.

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