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Of Mice And Men

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Of "Mice and Men" Steinbeck explores loneliness and the ways in which characters try to escape the isolation in which their situation, at that time and in that culture, places them. Discuss this view in relation to the novel. "Of Mice and Men" was written in 1937 by John Steinbeck. This was during the time of the Great Depression which affected the whole of America and has large influences on this story. As well as the Great Depression affecting the story Steinbeck's own life did too, for example Soledad where "Of Mice and Men" was set, was just down the road from where Steinbeck was born which was Salinas. When Steinbeck describes Candy as an old man that sits "in the bunkhouse sharpening his pencil and sharpening and figuring" the reader realises that Candy is a very lonely man. This creates the image that he is very isolated and can perhaps only talks to others when he is spoken to first. This is a portrayal of what people became like during the depression. However, Candy realises that there is a way to become less lonely when he talks to George and Lennie about their dream, he suggests "I went in with ...read more.


push their troubles onto someone else rather than sort it out themselves.This ultimately leads to her death because she is complaining about her life when Lennie accidentally kills her. This meant that her only happiness was in her death. This was shown when "all the meaness and planning and the discontent and the ache for attention were gone from her face". Then for the first time Steinbeck actually describes Curley's wife as "Purty" when "her roughed cheeks and reddened lips make her seem alive and sleeping lightly". Steinbeck doesn't let the reader know much about Crooks until quite late on in the story. Although we encounter him not much is said except "the stable buck a nigger, got a crooked back where a horse kicked him and he reads a lot" on this first encounter we don't even find out his name. It's not until midway through chapter three we find out his name. Crooks is described as a proud man and he takes care of all his belongings because "he was more permanent than the other men and had accumulated more possessions than he could carry on his back". ...read more.


This is also a technique of making himself still feel wanted as he knows that no-one else will look after him except George. George is a very caring character and the reader is meant to feel very sorry for him especially at the end when he has to kill his best friend Lennie who has actually been more like a son to him. Although he gets annoyed with Lennie he had a brotherly love for him really. I think that this then makes it seem like George is the least lonely character in the novel. We then discover that he was desperately lonely but he's never had the chance to express it because he's always had to look after Lennie. Right at the end he gets the chance to no longer be the parent to Lennie but to be looked after by Slim when he suggests "come on, George. Me an' you'll go in an' get a drink". This is finally what makes George free of his loneliness. To conclude I think that nearly all the characters were lonely on the ranch but they all had or still have a way to escape it. Some were easier than others but they all had the chance. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jessie Sudlow ...read more.

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