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Of Mice and Men

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Of Mice and Men (Novel) The story is set at Soledad. The author uses third person point of view. The story began by describing the place and the two characters, George Milton and Lennie Small. Steinbeck describes the two characters as friends who are traveling together to find a job at the ranch. To reach their destination, they took a ride on a bus and later being dropped off near the river. They took their rest along the river and there, Lennie asked George to tell him the story that he usually told Lennie. At first, George refused to tell him the same story but after awhile, he started to tell him about their dreams of owning their on land and ranch. Lennie was so excited and later, George told Lennie to hide in the brush near the river if ever he committed something wrong. They spent their night near the river and the next morning they went to the ranch and met Candy, who is handicapped. ...read more.


Candy found out about Curley's wife and he informed George about it. Afraid of something might happened to Lennie, George ordered Cansy to tell the workers after he went out from the stable. When Curley's saw his lifeless wife, he knew who did it. He brought the workers to find Lennie at the wood. George, knowing where was Lennie hiding place, went to find him near the river. George had made a decision to kill Lennie himself because he did not want anybody to kill him merciless. There are many themes in this short story. One of the themes is dream. George and Lennie shared the same dream of having a land of their own. Their worked hard to save money to buy a land. However, later on their dreams is shattered when Lennie killed Curley's wife and left George with no choices either than to kill Lennie. Their dreams ended with Lennie's death. Other than that, loneliness also one of the themes in Of Mice and Men. George also likes to play solitaire. ...read more.


After they had managed to run away, they try their luck by looking for a job somewhere else. They traveled together and had been living like brothers for a long time. Lennie was a big man with a personality of a little boy. George on the other hand is a man who always sticks together with Lennie in bad times and good times. George always protecting Lenny from troubles. They arrived at the ranch and met with the boss. Basically the story line is not much different and the two movies have the influences of the time setting of the particular time it was screened. In the black and white movie, the expression of George is normal during that time. The characters' dressing also different. The modern type, George wears a rugged clothing whereas in the black and white movie, all the characters dressed very neat and well. The sensitivity of showing off the gun also can be seen on the black and white movie. Apart from that, the old version also did not show a dead person's face. ...read more.

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