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Of Mice and Men

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Of mice and men essay Write a study of the character of Crooks, showing how Steinbeck uses him to tell us more about the other characters, and about the social and economical context of the book? This novel takes place in the 1930's, it was a time of great depression, there was racial prejudice towards coloured people and there were very few job opportunities making it hard for people to have a good standard of living. Steinbeck wrote this novel to show us the daunting and alarming conditions for workers at this time; he chose each character to represent a different type of person. For example, one of the characters Crooks represents coloured people. When reading the story of mice and man we learn that Crooks is a kind and considerate man "You told me to warm up tar for the mule's foot. I got it warm" this tells us that Crooks is generous man and is always willing to help. "I can do it if you want Mr Slim" when Crooks is speaking to Slim, he is deferential towards Slim and treats him like a superior by calling him Mr Slim. Although Crooks is a kind man he is not treated fairly and adequate all due racial prejudice "they let the nigger come in that night" first of ...read more.


This suggests that Crooks is desperate to get out of this ranch and he is hoping he will one day own that farm. "Well, jus' forget it, said Crooks. 'I didn't mean it. Jus' foolin'. I wouldn't want to go no place like that" Crooks now realises there is no way he will ever get out of the ranch and own a farm so he tries to convince himself he never wanted a farm in the first place. "The door opened quietly and the stable buck put in his head; a lean negro head, lined with pain, the eye patient." This tells us that Crooks has to be patient when living with the workers as he knows he is below the other workers because he is a coloured man and if Crooks was to make a slight move out of line there will be problems and fights will break out. When Crooks is talking to Candy, Crooks has to treat him well otherwise trouble will break out, "you can come in if you want" Although Crooks does not want Candy to come in he has to treat the other workers with respect "Candy seemed embarrassed. I do know. Course, if ya want me to" We get the impression that Candy feels embarrassed to go into a coloured mans room. ...read more.


Even Curley's wife who is not a worker at the ranch is racist towards Crooks "Listen, Nigger, she said. You no what I can do to you if you open your trap" Crooks is treat badly by the majority of workers on the ranch due to racial discrimination Crooks has to treat them well "Yes ma'am" Although Crooks knows his rights, he has very few of them and he always has to show respect towards the other worker The other characters show no respect towards Crooks as they are racist, unfair and cruel towards him, the majority of the workers do not even call Crooks by his name and call him racial words such as 'nigger' "where the hell is that God damn nigger?" The only character who shows any sign of respect towards Crooks is Slim, Slim treats him like an equal "Hello Crooks. What's 'a matter?" Although in the time this novel was set there was racial discrimination Slim was not racist towards Crooks because he was a fair and respectable man. In return Crooks treats Slim like a superior "I can do it if you want, Mr Slim" We get the impression that Lennie does not even no who Crooks is as he has a very immature behaviour and a childish mind ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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