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Of Mice and Men

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11i Essay: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck Carl Edwards 11R Discuss how Lennie and George, Curley's wife and Crooks all experience shattered dreams. John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice and Men is a novel which has a lot of characters that experience these shattered dreams. Lennie and George experience these shattered dreams throughout the book as they constantly were being put out of work, also at the end when the dream of Lennie and George living in that nice house was destroyed when Lennie was shot. Curley's wife had shattered dreams as she longed to be in pictures and movies but she couldn't because of Curley who she didn't even want to be married to in the first place. Finally Crooks also experiences shattered dreams because he has also wanted to be treated that same as the white people because he was tired of being treated like a slave. Each of these characters in a way had a link between them to the famous 'American Dream'. The American dream which for many still believe but only few have realised that in a sense it is like a myth. ...read more.


We need the stake. Will Curley's old man can us now?" The reason why he is so scared is because if they both lose their jobs again then it will take them even longer to get the house. Finally the last way that the dream is shattered by completely is when George shoots Lennie. This is a very emotional point in the film as you are not sure what George is going to do you and when you do realise what he is going to do you are hoping that he doesn't. I suppose that George could get a house by himself but he will always remember what happened with Lennie and feel guilty for it. However Curley's wife has a dream that was still in a way possible until Lennie killed her. Her dream of being able to be in pictured and movies and not be married to Curley anymore could have still happened. If only she divorced Curley and went off to try and be in pictures again when she had the chance then she might have still been alive now. ...read more.


However his American dream was never going to happen at that time. Every person always treated him like a slave and as if he was worthless which is why he was always miserable and always defensive if anyone got close to him. When Lennie had gone into his room and tried to talk to him Crooks became really defensive thinking that Lennie must have been up to something because he wasn't used to being talked to as an equal. Also seeing as he was treated so bad his room for him was like his sanctuary, a safe house for him where he could be relaxed and not worry about being ordered around. However when Lennie came in he felt as if Lennie was intruding on his rights and that Lennie didn't have any right at all to be in his room which he constantly said. After a while he got used to the idea and started talking to Lennie properly until Curley's wife came and set him back in his place which is when he got defensive again. Crook's dream is the most realistic out of the four people as eventually we no that coloured people do get treated as equals just maybe not in Crook's lifetime. ...read more.

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