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Of Mice and Men

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Of Mice and Men The novel was set in California in 1937, on a barley farm. The book is about 2 guys named George and Lennie. They are 2 friends who travels around together going from workplace to work place, earning there keep. To achieve a dream a dream of owning there own piece of land to do whatever they want. There are alot of characters that are lonely in this novel. Candy is one, he is the oldest worker on the farm, and with being a pensioner he is also disabled, but not bye mental, but only has one hand. I think this is why people on the ranch don't really want to know him. He's old and one-handed. Krook's is another lonely individual on the ranch, he's also one of a kind in the book. He's the only black person there. Back then it was extremely common for there to be racism, so the fact that a negro was on the ranch made it incredibly hard for him. Curley's wife is another example of one of a kind on the ranch, she is the only woman on the ranch. ...read more.


Candy over hears as he is still in the room. Now Candy is an old swamper, who spends his time sweeping. He doesn't want to live the rest of his life like this. He interrupts there conversation, to give George a proposition of helping them out with the land. He offered a huge sum of money towards it. Maybe he was also buying himself into a relationship. He also offers to cook clean and other various chores around the place. After he offers the money they can't resist the offer or there dream would stay a dream forever. But I think they knew they could trust Candy as he hasn't got anything to live for or in any way betray the two. Crooks is the only nigger in this story. I think Steinbeck gave a sense that even if you didn't read the description of crooks you would know he was different somehow. He isn't allowed to play cards with the other guys in the bunkhouse, he's not even aloud in the bunkhouse. He has his own room out in the stables, its kind off like they've just said, now he's out with the other animals. ...read more.


She gets very panicky, and starts screaming. This gets George very confused and scared. In shock he pleas for her to stop, with his hands around her mouth. This just gets her even more scared and she keeps going. Lennie not knowing what to do, gets angry that she's not listening to him and violently shakes her. Resulting in her breaking her neck. After he realises what he's done. He remembers what George told him, and run's away to the riverside where he was told to go if he caused trouble. Now after everyone had found out Curley's wife was dead George and curly knew there dream was shattered. There's nothing they could do to save Lennie from a fait ending only with death. Candy seems very thoughtless and selfish, when he asks George "George can we still do it?" But I think hes just trying to keep his dream alive for a little more. He really needed an outlet from the life he is leading at this time. George must have been quite offended, especially how close he was to Lennie. But they both must have been annoyed. They've both just had there dream shattered in a moment. I think Candy wanted to keep it alive just for a little longer. ...read more.

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