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Of Mice And Men

  • Essay length: 319 words
  • Submitted: 11/07/2002
GCSE John Steinbeck

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'Of Mice And Men'

Steinbeck's novel is a classic tale of dreamers who come back down to reality. This shows us the huge gap between reality and dream world. The other main theme of this story is friendship and loneliness. The story is set in California near Soledad. The main characters of the story are George, Lennie, Slim, Crooks, Curley, Curley's wife, and Candy.

The story makes an ideal film because it has all the factors of a great film. It has intrigue, suspense and action. Sinse's film begins with an exciting start showing what happened in weed, this is not shown in the novel.

By contrast, the novel starts with Lennie and George coming in and making their way to work and no one knows what happened in weed. Then they come to the 'brush' were they sleep and George tells Lennie that if he ever gets into trouble then he should come back to the 'brush' and wait for him to come. This is very important with what happens later.

The mood is calmer in the novel than in the film at the beginning. The film does this for excitement where as Steinbeck decides to start by describing the scene and the characters. When George and Lennie are running away it is really exciting this is why it is used in the film because the film was made to make money, where as the novel was made to be a powerful piece of writing. Also for the novel you cannot see the set so Steinbeck's has to take some time in describing the setting.

I think the film's beginning is better because it is more dramatic and makes me want to continue watching. Also the start doesn't give away too much about what happens in weed. Also the film shows us more about the characters emotions while they are being chased.

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