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OF MICE AND MEN 1929- October 24- This was the day when American people's dreams, hopes and future were destroyed-"The wall street crash". This disaster crushed many people life on just a second. This is the theme john Steinbeck has used for his novel "of mice and men". This story is about the hardship and suffering people went through in that period of time. John Steinbeck has set this story in 1930 for migrant workers so that he could show to others how much they had to suffer in their life. The background and the plot are set in California. This novel is about two young men "George" and "Lennie" who are out in the world of disasters. They are migrant workers who moved from one place to another in search of jobs. In 1930's thousands and thousands of people did not have jobs due to the Wall Street crash so people moved from one place to another. California is the place where the novel is set. This place is known as the salad bowl because lots of food and grains grow over here. There were opportunities for everyone for jobs. George and Lennie have set their own dreams for their future and they start their journey of life from here. The success of this plot comes from the simplicity of the plot. John Steinbeck has created an ingenious piece of story where two men struggle to find the glimpse of hope that would push them forward in their journey of disasters. ...read more.


George just wants independence- the freedom to do anything he wants. Steinbeck added some flavour to the story by including crooks into the story, Crooks is a Negro. Segregation was one of the big problems at that time. People were segregated by their colour. Crooks is black. This keeps him out of the bunk house. Crooks is a person who had dreams of his own. Steinbeck through this novel shows to the readers how just having a different skin colour changed the whole world around him. Crooks is not treated as a person over here but more of an animal. Segregation is one of the hardest things to accept because if a person does not have the right to speak t any one else just because of their colour, it showed the abhorrent attitude of the people. There is a huge contrast in today society and the society in 1930's. If today this issue was raised the human rights would come and people would get their deserved justice but 70 years earlier people would not agree black people being considered as humans and that is what Steinbeck has shown to the reader. His dream is just want to join with other people and he doesn't want to be segregated from other people. Crook says that "I aint wanted in the bunkhouse". In this Steinbeck created a mood of how life was in the 1930s. ...read more.


Curley wife could not fulfil her dream of reaching in Hollywood and as in the end of the chapter Lennie killed her. Again Steinbeck relates this to the death to the nature. The last chapter of the novel starts off with the death of the snake and at the end of the novel it finishes off with the death of human being. Steinbeck shows the comparison of the nature cycle but what Lennie does is against the law of the nature. Steinbeck shows the comparison of human cycle of how it is created and how it ends. The death of the water snake is part of the nature cycle but what happened to Lennie is against the law of nature. In this story George who comes to know all of the things Lennie did, George had no other option but kill him. Steinbeck brings us back from the brotherhood because George did this because when Curley finds out what happened to his wife the punishment from him would be much harsher, so to reduce the pain for his best friend he tried to kill. The moment he shoots Lennie, not only lennie's dreams get shattered but Georges and crooks too. All of it gets destroyed together. The quote which crooks said "Nobody never get to heaven and nobody gets any land" came true. The dream of hopes and ambition is shattered for George. The 1930s was a tough time for all migrant workers who come to America with lots of hopes dreams and future and they all shatter down. George and Lennie just join the list. ...read more.

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