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Of mice and men.

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Of mice and men Simon Thurston 11LJ Introduction Of mice and men is the story of two men George Milton and Lennie Small who are two people who move from place to place in search of work. This is so that one day they can afford to buy a small farm somewhere where they can live alone and be there own bosses. George looks after Lennie because Lennie is mentally slow and he has looked after him since Lennie's aunt died, because Lennie is mentally challenged, he tends to get George and himself into trouble because of stupid little things. They where on the run and they found a ranch in the Salinas valley California where they could work as ranch hands. Crooks, the black stable buck, was a proud aloof man who kept his distance from other people and demanded that they keep their own distance too. This was because he was black and at the time this novel was written, there was a lot of racist discrimination towards people with black skin, ...read more.


Crooks was openly referred to as a 'nigger', which amplifies the casual racism that was directed at him by the others. Crooks bullies Lennie because he has been tormented and bullied all the time he has been able to understand the facts of racial prejudice. He is then given the chance to bully Lennie. To get Lennie's attention he uses a subdued and convincing voice. When he gets the affect he wants he then turns to bullying and you can see his "face lighted with pleasure in his torture". He revelled in the suffering and tribulation he put on Lennie because he is enjoying bullying instead of being bullied himself. He also likes his new level as he can only do this to Lennie because he is not a threat and it is possibly the only time he can get his own back in some small way shape of form. Crooks' character helps to widen the theme of loneliness in the novel because all the men on the ranch would have been proud and bitter men in someway because of the work they were forced to do. ...read more.


John Steinbeck uses this to show his lack of identity and thus making him an outsider to the rest of the people on the ranch who have a full explicit description of the way they look. The lack of description of crooks makes us feel sympathetic towards him Steinbeck also uses like a sad slow old-fashioned form of writing to make you feel like he is lonely and is sympathetic towards him. Crooks is quit an important character in the novel it helps the writer convey the loneliness and solitude there must have been being a worker on a desolate ranch. Crooks is also the only person in the novel who can take part in one of the novels main themes (discrimination). It is also a good way of letting you see what life was like and the way people strived to make their life long dream come true (the American dream). After a while Crooks begins to trust Lennie and they become friends, which is another (friendship). ...read more.

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