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Of Mice and Men

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Of mice and men Discuss Steinbeck's presentation of The American dream in of mice and men George and lennie want to recreate happier time "I could build a smoke house like the one grandpa had" this shows they want to recreate there childhood when they were safe and cosy A kid of paradise with lots of food - a cosy life "When we kill a pig we can smoke the bacon and the hams and make sausages" So they can eat some rich fresh succulent meat whenever they want it Better working conditions - not getting canned not working if they didn't want to "No one could can us an if we don't Steinbeck's language shows the dream won't come true because he uses alliteration to slow down your reading and by the way curley's wife neck clicks there is no more sound as if the universe came to a massive stand still As soon as ...read more.


death himself had walked and lingered in the darkened corners of the barn as the darkness appears in as if a symbolic sign of death hovering the ranch with his scythe waiting to collect his crop. Candy cry's because when he finds curlys wife dead because he knows that it was lennie and that curly is going to kill lennie when he finds out he will chase down lennie like a hound chasing a rabbit homing in waiting for the death blow and after lennies gone so have George and candies dream and as this starts to hit him he starts to worry about his friends and there future . George talks to lennie about the dream before he shoots him so lennies calm and happy not distressed , panicky and depressed so his last moment is one of his favourite memories George decides to go and to shoot lennie so that he can make lennie happy ...read more.


The story is set back just after the cowboy/bandit era a time were movies were quite and woman were even more so Its set about two friends who travel together and stop off at ranches to do some work before they move on to earn enough money to support there American dream which is that when they have enough money to buy a ranch they saw for 600 American dollars and then they could live of the fat of the land and everything would be perfect "an if we didn't like the guy we just say get out and wed have a spare room and if a friend came by we'd say why don't you stay the night and by god he would" Steinbeck's idea of the American dream is basically that the dream can only be reached by the wealthy and unavailable to the poor and dreamful By David Richard Gilmour ...read more.

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