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of mice and men

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Many of the characters in, 'of mice and men' are lonely. Choose three characters that are lonely, say why they are lonely and how we know they are lonely. The lonely characters I have chosen to write about are Candy, Crooks and Curley's wife theses characters do not travel around but they live on a ranch where all the other workers come and go so they never make friends. The story is set in the 1930's during the depression. This was a time when men could not find work so they had to travel around America doing any jobs they could. This life made them very lonely and as George says to slim "I seen guys that go around the ranch alone that ain't no good" The first person I am going to write about is Candy. Candy is a swomper and is an old man he also lost his hand in an accident his job is to clean out the bunk houses he is scared that he could get sacked because he is too old to work. ...read more.


Crooks is another worker at the ranch, he's job is to clean out the stables, he has become disabled because a horse kicked him in the back. He is lonely mostly because he is black and black people in them days where not aloud with white people because people where raciest in them days. He is the only person apart from the Tyler family that has his own room but his room is right next to the manor pile because of his colour. The other workers are not very nice to him because of he is black they treat him badly, Crooks is not very friendly to them cause of how they treat him. He is the only one with the books in his room this shows that he is smarter then some of the workers because he can read, his books are the only thing he has like Candy's dog. When George went to town with the other workers, Lennie was on his own Crooks did not go as well, Lennie see a light coming from Crook's room and then see Crooks as he got closer, Lennie did not know about the white and black mix. ...read more.


She goes to the barn to find someone to talk to because at her house she has no one to talk to because Curley goes off to work. She tells Lennie about her dream and thinks that her mom stop her dream from coming true she says "I coulda been in the movies" and then Lennie told her his dream and she lets Lennie touch her hair because he is the only one that she could find to talk to. Her dream was to be in the movies and become famous. Her loneliness led to her death. I chose these three characters because I think they are the loneliest characters in the story, those characters our Candy, Crooks and Curley's wife, they are lonely because they have no friends. They don't travel around but that means they don't make any friends as well. I liked this story because it was very interesting, I preferred the film to the book because I felt like it made more sense and I liked watching it. ...read more.

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