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Of Mice And Men

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Media Coursework Essay Of Mice & Men Of Mice & Men is a very poignant, appealing and insightful novella as well as film. It is a very powerful and emotional piece, which studies the themes of nature, dreams, violence, friendship, suffering, loneliness and more. The author, John Steinbeck, produced this fascinating novella in 1937, yet the film which was produced by Gary Sinise (who played George), was published in 1992. In America, in 1929, The Wall Street Crash occurred which led to The Depression in 1930. Both the novella and film are based around those two events, as John Steinbeck used his experiences from life in California, as background for Of Mice and Men. For example, Of Mice and Men is set in the farmland of the Salinas River, where Mr. Steinbeck himself was born. Using information from not just only my knowledge, I will illustrate the differences between the film and novella of this popular piece. ...read more.


The attention to his choice of words and repetition are just two examples of how he accomplishes his goals such as: drawing the reader's attention, intriguing them, wanting them to continue reading. For example, the setting is a few miles south of Soledad, California, near the Salinas River. "Soledad" is a Spanish word that translates into 'solitude' or 'loneliness', a reference to one of the novel's main themes. Steinbeck also shows the relationship between George and Lennie, and the attitude in which they behold, by the use of effective descriptive writing. In terms of the style of narration, third-person omniscient is used to provide us, the readers, with information, including all actions that take place within the novel. By way of contrast, the first shot of the film is very dramatic. It begins with George vividly emerging from a dark spot on the train, due to flashing lights. This is shown from a close-up shot. Not long after, shot two begins with a land appearance. ...read more.


Although it is merely only the opening of the film, as shown by these two extracts, there could already be a tense atmosphere within the audience's perspective, as well as their attention span being drawn towards the film in a stronger manner. Evidentially, you can see that both the film and text differ immensely. Personally, I believe the film producer chose to differ the opening of the novella, to attract the audience making them intrigued, wanting to watch the film and wonder what happens next. The display of George being on a train with no meaning to the viewers in his first appearance, or the screaming from the mysterious woman, captivates the audience. In my opinion, the film gives more of an effect to the audience, simply because the novella only creates images in a person's mind, while the film gives an unsolved, puzzled thought. The movie would attract individuals who like a bit of mystery and suspense, unlike the novella which would draw attention more to the civil, passive type of audience. ?? ?? ?? ?? Alika Smith English Coursework Media Essay - Of Mice And Men Mr Arendse ...read more.

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