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of mice and men

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John Steinbeck wrote Of Mice and Men in 1937. At this time there were a lot of migrant workers travelling to find work, this meant that lots of people lost their families and friends because of the Great Depression. From this we can see how desperate they were for work. The novel is set in California, a town called Soledad, which means loneliness in Spanish. Which was a popular place for migrate worker's since there were lots of farms there who needed workers. This story is based on two characters who are looking for work and it follows their life at the ranch with other migrate workers. The character I think is the loneliest in the novel is Curley's wife because she doesn't have any one to talk to and no one wants to talk to her because they think she's trouble. The characters who are not lonely in the novel are George and Lennie "because I got you to look after me and you got me to look after you and that's why". The first lonely character in the novel is Candy. The only loved one he had was his dog which got shoot, this dog was the equivalent of a friend to him, and he didn't acre if he smelt or not because he had "since he was a pup. ...read more.


Curley's wife is lonely. This is obvious because she wants people to pay attention to her for example "her full rouged lips" and "cotton house dress and red mules". This seems very stylish for a farm and doesn't suit the environment. Furthermore the way she keeps on visiting the bunkhouse several times every day claiming that she is looking for Curley but really she is looking for company. We know this when she says "any you boys seen Curley?" She calls them "boys" because this is her being friendly and flirtatious. She is only pretending that she's looking for Curley but actually she knows where he is and she uses it is an excuse to be able to talk to them. Curley's wife is isolated from the men at the ranch. This is because she is the only female character at the ranch and she's the only one who is not a hard worker. This is not the girl you'd expect to find in a farm. She is also isolated because she is never given a name in the novel, she is only knows as Curley's wife. This tells us that she belongs to someone else, she's not respected because she's a women and she only belongs to Curley no one else besides Curley. ...read more.


Everyone on the ranch is lonely or isolated in same way. This means that the ranch is a place of isolation as suggested by the towns name Soledad. Also all the men are single, they have no family or relatives and only time this get company is at the "cat house". George and Lennie are not same "because.... Because I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you". The other characters also want to have someone to look after. This is shown by Candy wanting to join the scheme by putting in some money and Cooks lets them come in to his room. Finally Curley's wife wants to talk to anyone who'll listen but hardly anyone listens to her. In the end they all try not to be lonely but they fail. So in the end loneliness wins because at the time there was a lot of racist discrimination and also the Great Depression. This meant that they had no money or jobs in country. Therefore all the people had to migrate to other states to look for work. They had to leave their friends, their family and abandon their homes. Furthermore it meant people were always lonely because they constantly migrate around the state. The characters in the novel represent this loneliness. ...read more.

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