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Of Mice and Men

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Of Mice and Men By John Steinbeck The story Of Mice and Men was written by John Steinbeck in the year of 1937, during this time the great depression had taken place. Also from 1930 till 1945 this was when World War 2 had taken place amounts of 12 to 15 million people were unemployed they were more poor people on the streets than ever before as with the combination of the hungry and the homeless due to the war and the stock market crash making 15,000 banks close in the period of a couple of years. The story line of the story is about two migrant workers who are George Milton he travels from farm to farm alongside his childhood type friend Lenny Small who is mentally disabled. George is determined to see through the struggle of being a migrant worker and to have his own farm where Lenny can tend the rabbits, we know this when George says 'live on the fatter the land' With the virtue of his mental excellence George tries to have a dominant role over Lenny, he acts like a overworked and over tired parent to him. ...read more.


Also this was a great depression not only because of moving around but because you would also have to be on your own and there was no point in trying to make friends because you wouldn't know if you were going to get transferred to a new ranch the next day. In the story Of Mice and Men George says "we migrant workers are the loneliest guys in the world, we got no family and we don't belong in no place." George is implying that there is no hope of friendship or happiness for migrant workers and that those who work as migrant workers are those who have no family. How ever in most cases people would move from ranch to ranch by themselves but both George and Lenny had each other for company. When they reach there new ranch there meet an old crippled guy called Candy who had lost one of his hand he is the watcher of the ranch. Candy had an aging dog for his company who is so weak and sick that it counts on Candy to survive. ...read more.


People have dreams on the ranch because it is impossible for it to come true and so they have to dream and imagine what their life styles should be like. Migrant workers have lots of dreams because they have no ambitions or targets and so have to figure out how it would be like. I would never want to work as a migrant worker because you will get lonely, sad and have no hope in life. Doing work like that would mean for you to have lots of energy and with the uncomfortable beds it would be extremely hard to get a good night's sleep. Also hygiene was another matter because you had to share a bunkhouse with other people and not have enough places to take a wash or bath with all those other workers alongside with you. Also the fact was due to sleeping in a bunk house with about workers of five to ten you had more chances in catching a flu or illnesses and meaning there could be spreaded across the whole ranch. Even to work on a ranch for money it would be something that you have to think and decide hard about to do. ?? ?? ?? ?? Of Mice and Men Joe Subangan ...read more.

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