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'Of Mice And Men'

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'Of Mice And Men' Loneliness Loneliness affects many of the characters in the story Mice and Men. Steinbeck seems to show that it is natural and inevitable result of the kind of life they were forced to lead. Do you agree? Curley's Wife In 'Of Mice and Men' one of the first thing you see which leads you to loneliness is that we never find out the name of Curleys wife. This shows how she was thought of at the ranch. I think she is regarded of more as a possession than a person. She always dressed up in pretty clothing, which often attracted the workers, and she was pretty, with full red lips and wide eyes, heavily made up. Curley's wife acts as 'jailbait' as she dresses up to attract the workers and then when Curley finds out, he would sack the workers.


Curley forbids her to leave the house. Curley was her second choice in the world and makes her feel like it as well. Her real dream was to be in acting and was promised by a man that he would write to her. This never happened, but she always believed that it would come. Because of her dreams falling apart, she becomes married to Curley. Now she is trapped on the ranch with no one to talk to and visit, and becomes one of the most lonely characters in the book. Curley You can tell Curley is lonely all through the book. He doesn't have any friends, and none of the ranch workers like or trust him, so he picks fights on many of the characters, so it makes him look strong and big.


'Maybe you can see now. You know he's coming back. S'pose you aint got nobody. S'pose you couldn't go to the bunkhouse and play rummy cause you was black. A guy needs somebody.' Pg 76 Crooks likes to talk to Lennie as he knows he will keep a secret and can chat to him like he never chats to any other person. Crooks starts to describe his earliest memories and begins to reflect his own life. After picking on Lennie, Crooks finds confidence that make him feel almost equal to Candy and Lennie. In the story, the characters, Crooks, Candy, and Curleys Wife seem to suffer from the most Loneliness, even though all the characters seem to suffer somehow from it. I see this as one of the main themes that the Author was trying to put across to the reader of the Novel. Loneliness. ?? ?? ?? ?? Emily Shimell GCSE Coursework 1

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