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Of Mice and Men

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'Of Mice and Men' - Study of a passage Steinbeck makes a careful choice of language at the beginning of his novel to create a clear impression upon the reader. The setting he describes if full of details about Nature. He achieves this through using a very descriptive style. Firstly, he makes use of descriptive language, mostly the use of adjectives. Steinbeck uses very descriptive words to set the scene and to help the reader get a image in their mind. He shows this in "...sycamores with mottled, white, recumbent limbs and branches that arch over the pool." And "A stilted heron laboured up into the air and pounded down the river." ...read more.


"a path beaten hard", this could add some tension as the reader will immediately wonder what has caused the beaten path, and why. The use of senses is also a main part of Steinbeck's choice of language. 'Skittering', 'noiselessly' and 'damp flats' are three of a numerous amount of sense words used. This makes it a lot easier to relate to something, so even if the reader doesn't totally understand the words used, they could then refer to a sense. In addition to his description of Nature, the author details the physical appearance of the characters that enter the scene. He makes use of some similar techniques to reveal them clearly to the reader. ...read more.


"he walked heavily, dragging his feet a little, the way a beer drags his paws." Again, this can help the reader gather enough information about the character to draw themselves an image. Steinbeck structures this passage thoughtfully: he begins by describing the nature and environment and then moves on to give detail about the characters. He sets the scene before introducing the two main characters, Lennie and George. Although the names aren't told in the passage. Through his use of language and structure I therefore believe that Steinbeck creates a definite atmosphere to begin the story. It is an atmosphere is light as there is rabbits and such hopping around and lizards skittering around, so everything seems fine but as soon as the characters appear, the nature disappears and it is the characters who will have the main impact in the novel. ...read more.

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