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Of Mice and Men.

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English Of Mice and Men I am going to write about the way Steinbeck creates and describes outsiders. John Steinbeck writes from own past experience and uses it to inform us, as he worked on ranches and wrote about what he experienced in his time. In 1936 a novella about two migrant farm labourers who represent of a class that desire for a home, of which it seems they perpetually deprived. In order to gain perspective into the lives in the novella 'Of Mice and Men', Steinbeck uses themes and language of the troubling times of the Great Depression in America and Steinbeck's own past experience. 'Of Mice and Men' reflects the time of early experience in ranch life were chronicles a time of social disintegration and a mass of unemployment. Employers continually rewarded the employees with bad pay, insecure work and dangerous working conditions unlike the working society we have today. This was major pressure on Americans at the time and caused depression and isolation, mostly common to blacks, racial prejudice from whites towards black people. ...read more.


The ranch workers have noticed that they have come together to the ranch to work and immediately see the two as a pair and therefore they treat them similarly because it is not normal in their point of view for two men to travel together. The scene were George killed Lennie instead of the other ranch workers wanting to kill him for suffocating Curley's wife, unintentionally, immediately eliminates an immense burden and a threat to Georges life and he may now no longer be classed as an outsider by the ranch workers because he is now alone which is normal according to the workers at that time. His new burden is now hopelessness and loneliness, the life of a homeless ranch worker. Slim's comfort at the end "You hadda George "indicates the sad truth that you have to surrender your dreams in order to survive, not the easiest of things to do in America. Curley's wife, I think is described well by Steinbeck; she also is an outcast which is the main theme that I am writing about. ...read more.


Ever'body out doin' som'pin. Ever'body! An 'what am I doin '? Standin' here talking to a bunch of bindle stiffs an' likin' it because they ain't no body else" there is no way out of her alienation from the other characters on the ranch, who are all men. When she develops her ill fated relationship with Lennie she tells him she gets awful lonely, and like Crooks, appeals to him to understand how she feels. To Curley's wife's disappointment at not being in the movies, as says she had an opportunity to be in them, she marries Curley and soon regrets it. This brings my essay to an end as Steinbeck also finds other ways to develop the theme of loneliness and outsiders by the near by town called, Soledad and Crooks's birthplace, means lonely in Spanish. George can so often be found playing solitaire, a card game for one player is a reminder that George will soon discover we are all alone in the end. In my opinion the main reason for being an outsider is probably because they have not been accepted into the group (ranch workers) and therefore they will feel lonely and an outcast. Gavin Bailey ...read more.

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