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Of Mice And Men - 'A recurrent theme in the novel is that of loneliness - How far does loneliness affect the characters and drive the plot?'

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Of Mice And Men. ' A recurrent theme in the novel is that of loneliness. How far does loneliness affect the characters and drive the plot?' Steinbeck explores many issues in 'Of Mice And Men.' Including such issues like anger, racism, mental confusion and ageism. Perhaps the major theme to look at is loneliness and the way it drives the plot. All the characters in the book are affected by loneliness expect the possible exception of slim. Candy is one of the few who gets captured into the drive of loneliness. Without his dog he begins to feel like an outcast (like many of the others). 'I'm so used to him, I had him from a pup.' ...read more.


Another character that leads the plot that is very forlornness and isolated is Curley's wife. Shes a major character who doesn't even have a name. She is that shut out from the rest of the world and only known in the book as 'Curleys Wife'. Curley's Wife has a pugnacious Husband 'Curley'. 'Curleys not a nice man, he does bad things'. You can clearly tell from that quote by his wife that he might hit her and maybe take advantage. Curley has abandoned his wife making her stir up trouble with ' the men on the ranch'. 'why cant I talk to you I never get to talk to nobody. I get awful lonely.' ...read more.


However having said that, if Carlson wouldn't have shot Candy's dog candy never would have stated to George 'I should ave shot him myself' then George may not have shot Lennie. Paragraph 5 general comments on the plot, giving e.g. how each person is lonely and how it keeps the plot going. On my overall conclusion is that loneliness is the plot. Loneliness had a big input on the way the plot flows. Every character is involved even if they do the littlest things even if it is Suggesting that Candy's dog should be shot. Steinbeck expressing the fact of loneliness through such characters like Candy and Curley's wife and many of the others. ...read more.

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