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Of Mice And Men Chapter 7

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Of Mice and Men Chapter 7 "You hadda George. I swear you hadda. Come on with me." Those last words slim had said as he led George away from the grim scene by the river seemed to echo through the dark recesses of George's mind like a lone eagle in a dark, empty canyon. And as those echoing words faded from memory, more came to overlap them. "I said, did you know the killer personally?" George shook himself from the nauseating remembrance of the previous week's morbid events and turned his attention to the reporter perched; notebook in hand, on what had several days ago been Lennie's bed. "I already told ya. I didn't know the big ox. I jus' brung 'im down is all. I hadda bring 'im down." George forced himself to stay focused and not let his mind wander. "Right." The reporter replied, scribbling down a few more notes. "I guess that about does it. I'm gonna go talk to a few of the other hands and then go off and type up a winger of an article for the paper." "You jus' do that then. An' don't come crawlin' belly up back in here to ask no more God Damned questions. "Oh no sir. Course not sir." The young reporter said nervously. He was an ugly kid in George's opinion, all bushy brown eyebrows and an awful squint even with his overly strong bifocals on. What made it worse was his obvious fervor to write the perfect article, even if it meant not getting his facts straight. George had known straight off it didn't matter whether he told the truth or not, so he had lied about most of his answers out of sheer spite. As soon as the squinting reporter left, Slim came into the bunk house. "You lied, George." "Yeh, I know. Not like the stupid son of a bitch woulda seen the truth if it kicked him in the rear." ...read more.


"Yeah...old...old people like me...like me change fast." His voice held a calm peace that George had not heard before. "Don' worry none...none 'bout m-me. I've...I've...always b-been a...a good Ch-Christian." Candy smiled painfully. "Well if ya see Lennie up there...tell 'im I said hi. And Candy...tell 'im I'm sorry." Candy nodded and tried to smile again, and then his body went limp in the straw. A tear appeared at the corner of George's eye, and he brushed it quickly away. He had never been a real sentimental guy, and he didn't plan to start right now." "Well George?" Slim asked at last after they had been silent for awhile. "Well what?" "Where we gonna bury 'em? They gotta be buried somewhere..." George stopped for a moment and considered. He had never really thought about what happened to people after they had died...it had never occurred to him that a person might have to choose where to put them... "I don' know. Why're you askin' me?" Slim shrugged as George stood up from his kneeling position and wiped his sweating palms on his jeans. "Well, seein' as how you took to likin' them both...kinda' lookin' after them..." "So I'm responsible now? Jesus! I can't even get away from it when they've died an' gone!" Slim shook his head in a disapproving way. "Alright, alright fine." George said at last and his brow furrowed in deep thought. Suddenly his face lightened and he smiled widely. "I know just the place." "Yes ma'am. Yes ma'am. Jus' th' two of 'em. No ma'am s'not a joke. Why? Jus' wanna give 'em a proper like burial. They ain't never hadda...was' that? You'll do it? Right near the family plot? Great! Thank ya ma'am. Yes ma'am. Friday at noon. Alright. Bye." George hung up the boss's telephone and smiled at Slim. "Well, I've don' it, Slim." "That's great...but don' what? You still haven' told me what this is all about." ...read more.


Filling the holes up seemed much harder than it had been to dig them. With each scoop George remembered another time he'd been mean to Lennie...another time Lennie had been nice to him. He shook his head and muttered things to himself to try and keep his mind away from it, but somehow he just could get over the feeling that Lennie...that man who'd been more like a kid brother all his life, was gone forever. Once the holes were filled completely, the four stood around the graves, their shovels in hand and their hands over their hearts in respect for the dead. Slowly and solemnly they packed up the shovels and piled into the wagon, George again at the reins with Slim sitting beside him. "Well? Where to now?" Slim said softly after they had sat still and silent for a moment. "The lady said we could come to th' house...said it was wrong of a gal not to welcome such a sad company to have breakfast...nice lady." George said softly and flicked the reins. The horses finished chewing the lush grass and pulled the wagon towards the road. As the wooden wagon moved away from the gravesite, George turned his head to see a rabbit sniffing about the grave the belonged to Lennie...it curiously poked it's head around in exploration of the giant mound that had appeared and then began nibbling at the sweet alfalfa...and somehow George seemed to see Candy and Lennie, kneeling on the ground above the newly filled graves, smiling at the rabbit and coaxing it to come closer. Lennie looked up, and waved childishly at George. "Hey, h-hey George! I can feed the rabbits George! See?" He demonstrated his feeding abilities by pushing the alfalfa towards the small brown animal. "I won' forget George! I won' forget!" A tear twinkling at the corner of his eye, George turned around and stared ahead at the road and at what would lead to the rest of his life, be it good or bad. He flicked the reins and didn't look back... ?? ?? ?? ?? Kunle Sobowale Page 1 ...read more.

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