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Of Mice And Men Coursework

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0f Mice And Men Coursework The director creates a lot of moods and suspense in the film 'Of Mice And Men'. Gary Sinise puts all of these camera angles and colours into one to create lots of suspense and to create different atmospheres. At the start of the film the screen is black and then white writing appears on top of the black background. There is light appearing through the planks of wood that we then know is a freight train. The casts and directors names appear as light peering through the planks of wood. The peering of the light acts a luminous spotlight at a prison and as it scans the area through the planks of wood it is like a light searching for someone. Also the planks of wood act as a cell and the light is glancing through the cell. All of a sudden the camera turns to this man who is sitting in a shadow in the corner of the freight train with half of his face in the light and the other half in the shadow. ...read more.


The camera stays where it is and the women runs towards the camera and this acts as if the woman is running towards us out of the screen to us for help. Also when the dogs and horses are running after the two men and trying to catch them it looks as if they are running straight out of the screen towards us. This makes us more involved and interested in the film. At the start of the film Gary Sinise creates mood and suspense by using different sound effects. He uses different sound effects so that they are bold and stand out in one particular scene so this makes the scene more interesting and has more action. At the start of the film there is a scene where there are men on horses and men with dogs chasing two men. The dogs and horses and men have sound effects because the men are breathing heavily so this makes it seem they have been running for a while to catch the two men. ...read more.


This scene creates a lot of suspense and tension. The director Gary Sinise creates different mood sand suspense by putting colours, sound effects, camera angles and music into one. All of these effects create different moods like tension when the dogs, horses and the men are running after the men. The camera angles like the close up and the point of view create different moods because of what the character is thinking and what their emotions are these precise times. The music creates moods and tension by using the pace of the music fast or slow or the pitch or volume of the music. In the scene where the men are being chased the music gets quicker and quicker and builds up suspense and tension because you don't know if the men are going to be caught or not. The sound effects create moods and make the film more enjoyable to watch and the sound effects make you feel as you're there running with the men, horses and dogs. The bright vibrant colours create moods because of what the colours are. When the women is running across the field with the red bright ripped dress the colour red represents the moods anger, frustration, embarrassment. ...read more.

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