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Of mice and men coursework -- I have been given the following question what does the novel show the reader about the authors view of the American dream?

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Of mice and men coursework I have been given the following question what does the novel show the reader about the authors view of the American dream? The novel mice and men written by john steinbeck examines two main characters George and Lennie who are travelling together in the hope of a successful dream. In my opinion the book strongly refers to the American dream and portrays how desperate they are for the dream to materialise. The American dream is constructed on the theme that anyone can achieve success so long as they work hard enough. The dream originated when many people immigrated to America. The majority of people leaving the countries were lower class people. The conditions virtually meant that the country would make them lower class for life. When Europeans left for America they were told that everyone would be landowner, they would live like kings and the streets were paved with gold. Everybody would live equally. This was a wonderful dream for the Europeans fleeing from the class system of their home countries. This soon became known as the American dream and had a huge influence on the American society, with hard working and strong willed people. ...read more.


Now Candy thinks he's going to be leaving the ranch soon to go with George to his dream farm, his attitude towards Curly, the Boss and Curly's wife changes. When Curly starts on Lennie, Candy quickly rushes to his defence. '"Glove fulla Vaseline," he said disgustedly' Referring to the glove Curly wears on his hand to keep 'soft' for his wife. He is not scared of Curly and the boss anymore because if he gets sacked he feels he can just move on to George's dream farm. With Candy's newfound confidence he starts sharing his views and sticking up for other people such as Crooks the black stable buck. Curly's wife is verbally attacking Crooks, telling him how she can get him killed if she wanted too. Candy retaliates by saying, "If you was to do that, we'd tell... We'd tell about you framing Crooks." He sticks up for Crooks, which shows he wasn't racist and that he also had a dream for a better society. This is that when you have worked and are getting old you would have money, a pension, and that everyone is treated equally like him and Crooks. This shows that the book reflects the time its set because Candy would probably have a pension and wouldn't have been able to get sacked without out a just cause in our time. ...read more.


Film work was one of the few types of work you could get as a woman, it was every girl's dream, but it was often only a scam to take advantage of young women. Curley's wife remembers how a man in the 'pitchers' said he was going to write to her about being in the movies. But she says her mother stole the letter when it came, when really it didn't come at all. When Lennie killed her the writer says. "The meanness and..... the ache for attention were all gone from her face." This means that she didn't have to try anymore and life wasn't just one long struggle for recognition. She had been released and was now more beautiful and alive than ever. However, from the moment Curley's wife's neck was broken George realised that Curley will want Lennie lynched and, even worse, that their dream had been shattered by Lennie's actions. When George finally caught up with Lennie they discussed the dream one last time before George took Carlson's lugar and shot him. He was dead. To conclude I would say that the author has a very negative view of the American dream. All these dreams failed, George will never get his farm with Lennie, Crooks and Curley's wife will never have equal rights to a white man and Candy will always be in fear of losing his job. By Adam Gibson ...read more.

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