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Of Mice and Men Critical Evaluation

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Critical Evaluation Of Mice and Men Question: Write a critical evaluation of the novel "Of Mice and Men" in which you consider the setting, the plot and the author's style as well as what you think the author was trying to get you to think about through the medium of the story. The novel, "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck is one which I have read recently. The book is set in the outskirts of Soledad, California, America round about the 1930s. The two main characters of the novel are George Milton and Lennie Small. George is a small, quick thinking man and is the total opposite of Lennie whom is big built, and rather unintelligent and 'simple minded'. When reading the book it appears as though he could possibly have a mental disability. In that particular time of the centuary is was rather peculiar for two men to be travelling around together. The two men migrate from a town called Weed, the reason for this being that Lennie touched a little girls' dress as he liked to touch soft materials, this material being the little girls' dress. Although the young girl claimed that Lennie had raped her and so George and Lennie fled the town. ...read more.


In the novel there are lots of features which run through out the book. The features of the book which will be mainly focused on are the plot, the setting and the author's style. The first feature which I will concentrate on is the plot. Lennie who is more like a young boy rather than a responsible adult, he likes to pet soft things for example when Slim gives him a puppy because his bitch has a litter of pups he pets it so much that he ends up killing it. An example of the plot is when Lennie is constantly petting the puppy and is warned by George who says: "'You'll kill him, first thing you know.'" The above example shows that Lennie was warned to stop petting the pup or it would result in its death but he is too persistent to stop. A second example of the plot occurs nearer the end of the novel when Lennie and Curleys wife are in the barn: "Then Lennie grew angry, "Now don't," he said. "I don't want you to yell. You gonna get me in trouble jus' like George says you will. Now don't you do that." ...read more.


This last example is effective as it describes how the wind blew across the pool. Most writers try their best to show great depth in their description, whereas Steinbeck shows his remarkable and impressive ability to create a descriptive atmosphere. In conclusion after reading the book I think the message that Steinbeck is trying to get across is that people who needed more help than others in those days were treated just the same as any other person. Also I think that Steinbeck would like people to know that America is not always the perfect place to be, as in the novel it shows some examples of racism, unfairness to women and inequality and many more issues. After all everyone has the right to an equal life and Steinbeck is trying to say that no matter how good people think America is its not always a fair society. I found the book very enjoyable but in some parts a little sad and it is most unusual to any other book which I have read. Towards the end I found myself empathizing with Lennie as I did not agree with the way in which his life was 'stolen' from him when it was not his fault that he had a somewhat mental disability. Stacey Shedden ...read more.

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