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Of Mice And Men - Curley's Wife's Letter.

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GCSE English Course Work Of Mice And Men Curley's Wife's Letter Imagine you're Curley's wife, shortly before you die you write home to your mother, to patch up with your quarrel. Write the letter Curley's wife sends * Write about your relationship with Curley * Write about your life on the ranch * Write about your relationships with the other men and about how they treat you * Write about your hopes and dreams * Write about the quarrel with your mother =You may wish to name Curley's wife =CH5 is particularly useful =Show clear knowledge of the text =Try to be empathetic: how would you think and feel if you experienced what Curley's wife experiences in the book Under 1,000 words 1 1/2 pgs Due 18th January Dear Mom, I guess you maybe kind of surprised to be hearing from me after such a long while. I hope you're keeping fine and everything's swell in Salinas. I guess you may of heard I got married, this guy named Curley. He's the son of a big rancher and we live out at the ranch. We grow barley mostly out here. All the workers live in the bunkhouse, but me and Curley live in a big two by four house. ...read more.


It wasn't true love! I especially know this since he goes ... OUT, without telling me where he goes. He just goes with some other boys "somewhere", I'm certain he goes to a whorehouse. That's the only thing he spends his money on. On the bright side the air is warm, the view is nice, and we got lots of money coming in, enough for make-up and nice clothes that them stunning movie actresses put on, so I look damn dandy. I could pass for an actress now. If I hadn't met Curley and hadn't decided to leave town I probably would have been an actress. I suppose you were right about not letting me go with that actor, he was probably trying to seduce me, he may've lied about some things but I know I could make it as an actress. I know I'm a natural, I'm sure you think I am too. It's just the thought of wearing all those nice clothes, and my face being all made up to be filmed and seen by so many people, I could stay in one of them fancy hotels and get filmed, maybe I'd be on the radio too, and my purse wouldn't ever open cause I would be in the movies. ...read more.


His friend tells him not to talk to me - because of Curley no doubt; most of them would know that already. I do some times get real lonely here. There are no other women here either. If I catch one man on his own I get along fine with them, until they think Curley's getting close. But I haven't found one who had much to say. Curley is just an ordinary bully; he stops me from talking to anyone but him. I tell you some times I feel like beating him too. I suppose I would have been better off if I stayed with you. I made a mistake not listening to you and then I made another. I only married Curley to get away from home, not from you though, Mom. I really am not happy here, and well you know, at the top of this letter I said you could come and visit. Well I guess what I really meant to say was come and take me home with you, back to Salinas. I will work and earn us some money I promise! Just please - try to help me get out of here. Don't you worry about Curley. I just have to be ready to go when he's gone out whoring. I'm sure I can handle that! Write me soon, Mom, Your ever-loving daughter Susan English Coursework Curley's Wife's Letter - 1 - ...read more.

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