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Of Mice and Men discussion.

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Of Mice and Men Essay The title of the book i am writing about is 'of mice and men' and is written by John Steinbeck. This book is set in western America in the sub urban areas. The book is set in 1937. The job of farm labouring is a boring one because the men who work there usually travel by themselves, this is different in George and Lenny's case because they travel together everywhere they go. They both have each other for company, although Lenny has the capabilities of a child. In the time the book is written America is in depression, many businesses failed and many men worked for low pay contracts at different ranches across America. The American dream is to live in small town or in a suburban area where grass and trees simulate the country. This dream home is a permanent seat, not rented but owned. This dream is bound to fail because everyone wants that dream and it cost a lot of money, most of the men working in America with this dream are on low salary so can never afford the American dream. ...read more.


Candy overhears the dream of George and Lennie which was to have there own house and their own land. George and Lennie were unwilling to let Candy be part of there dream, but they later change their mind because candy has �350 in the bank to put towards the place 'Thas three hundred and fifty bucks id put in'. The money candy would put in would be over half of the money needed for the land. The writer John Steinback made the dream so close and possible to make the story more interesting. Candy is prepared to put more money in because this is also his dream and he is getting old, he also will not do any labour work on the land so this makes him want to put in more money. In the 1920s blacks were treated horribly and as second class citizens. Crooks is a black man living and working on the ranch and has no control over anybody. He lives separately from the rest of the white men because blacks were not aloud to be around white people in them times. ...read more.


Curley's wife's hopes and dreams turn tragically wrong when she urges Lennie to feel her soft hair. Lennie kills her in a panic when he doesn't let go of her hair, he gets worried that hill will not be able to tend the rabbits. The dream of George and Lennie could apply to people living in Britain today. People still have these dreams but in a different way. Nowadays in Britain people dream of big houses and expensive cars. For example, the dream of two immigrants could be for safety happiness and a place to live. This shows that the theme of the hopes and dreams are all for happiness. Hopes and dreams is such an important theme in the John Steinback book because it is all based around them. The hopes and dreams of the Americans not onlt apply to them but to the rest of the world to. By this I mean that everyone has the hope and dream of happiness. I believe that it is important to keep a grid on reality, dreams are fine but it's no good imagining that the impossible might happen. This is because people can be silly when dreaming for things when really they will never live them dreams. ...read more.

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