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of mice and men - dreams

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Many of the characters in 'of mice and men' have dreams. What are their dreams and how near are any of them to achieving what they want? Steinbeck wrote Of Mice and Men in 1937 during the Great Depression in America. He came from California and the farmland and the ranches around Salinas, where the novel is set. The novel 'Of Mice and Men' is based on the realistic view on America, by Steinbeck allowing dreams to fail, because in the real world dreams do not always come true. He also wanted the novel to seem real so it would have been unrealistic to show people succeeding and achieving the American dream. Steinbeck was writing during the Great Depression and wanted to show that the Great Depression was an era when people's lives were most difficult. The depression was between 1929-1933. It all started from 'Black Thursday' when 13 million shares were sold on 24th October 1929. This lead to the 'Wall Street Crash' when shares fell and Americans were doing anything they could to sell their shares as it was affecting their savings. Even people who didn't have shares were affected as many banks went bankrupt, as people could not pay back their loans. ...read more.


Steinbeck chooses these words for her as she often thinks it is too late to do or have done something, meaning she has no hope for her dream. Because she married Curley, a controlling man, she ended up with someone she didn't love and feels lonely and trapped, as she has nobody to talk to about her thoughts and feelings. This is because there are only men on the ranch and Curley would not have allowed it. She also dreams for friendship and not being abandoned. Just before her death she does achieve a glimpse of this part of her dream when she talks to Lennie about her thoughts and feelings. She gets to tell him what she wanted in life and how she feels in her life. Steinbeck does not allow her dream to totally fail, as she is able to talk to someone and does not feel lonely. She also would probably feel happier that she has died, as she does not have to face Curley and his controlling actions anymore, 'And the meanness and the plannings and the discontent and the ache for attention were all gone from her face.' Candy's dream in the novel is to be wanted and to have friends. ...read more.


Momentarily he believes he will achieve both his dreams - live with the others (George, Lennie and Candy). This is how crooks and candy join Lennie and George's dream, as they have dreamt they will live with them on their land. Crooks gives up on the dream. Steinbeck has allowed him to fail because Crooks is cynical and knows that achieving the American dream is extremely unlikely to happen in the American society. In conclusion dreams are important to these characters because it means they have a goal to aim for in their lives. The point Steinbeck is making is that in the realistic world dreams do not always succeed and wanted to show how futile the American dream was. He represents the prejudiced nature of the American society in the novel. He is critical of this because he knows these were the boundaries that stopped Americans from achieving their dream. Readers respected him for his honesty. There is hope offered to the reader for George as Slim offers physical and mental support at the end giving us an idea that a friendship can begin. The title 'Of Mice and Men' represents small people (mice) and big people (men) in the terms of status positions. Steinbeck's purpose for writing the novel was to show the American dream and the reality of it. Sonal Varsani 10 E Of Mice and Men English coursework ...read more.

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