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Of Mice And Men (English)

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Of Mice and Men A dream is something that you can hope and wish for, it could be anything, but what makes it special is that you to believe in it, even when it seems impossible to ever come true, you need to have a faith. My dream is to go to university and become a social worker. I would love to live in America or Germany. My dreams are very important to me because they are the basis for my future. If no one had dreams we would all be the same, humdrum people and no one would aspire to anything greater. George and Lennie had a dream, to have a big house in the country with rabbits, chickens, pigs and cows and to live of the fat of the land. Their dream was very important to them because they had nothing and it was their only way out to have a better life. They believed in themselves even though it seemed hopeless from the start, I never thought their dream would come true because there were familiar signs of failure, and success seemed out of their reach because they were just two ordinary men waiting for the extraordinary to happen. ...read more.


George and Lennie are different they have each other and they are saving for their house and have a plan "We ain't like that. We got a future". They don't want to be ranch workers all their lives, when they get their own land, they'll quit the ranch and pan gold up north, maybe even hit a pocket. George and Lennie would be their own bosses if they don't want to work, they won't "We'll just say the hell with goin' to work, and we'll build up a fire in the stove, and set around it and listen to the rain..." They love the idea of them having a nice home, being able to live how they please, if they want to do something or go somewhere, they can "We'd just go to her" and to be happy "They all sat still, all bemused with the beauty of the thing, each mind was popped into the future when this lovely thing could come about". They longed for a normal life with things others took for granted, like being a part of something better than a ranch " We'd belong there" They would like a blissful and luxurious life with everything their hearts desire. ...read more.


Steinbeck mixes up the plot, he changes your views on the characters as at first you think that Curley's wife is nothing more than a slut, but when you get to know her you realise she is lonely and desperately seeking affection. The stable buck you feel sorry for him being used as the stress toy for the boss but that changes when he takes advantage of the fact that Lennie isn't that smart and starts to put notions in his head, that George isn't coming back for him. At the start of the book the dream is Lennie's fairytale while George still believes in it but it seems to far away to get excited about. Then it turns into reality as Candy is introduced and offers one hundred pound as a deposit for a little house. But in the same day that George has his dream in his hands, he loses it because Lennie kills Curley's wife. George has to kill Lennie so he won't have the same regret Candy had. Candy knew he should have been the one to kill his dog not a stranger. As George knew it was kinder to his good friend, Lennie to kill him rather than Curley. By Shannon Williamson ...read more.

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