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Of Mice And Men Essay – How Different Events in the Novel Prepare you for the Ending.

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Of Mice And Men Essay - How Different Events in the Novel Prepare you for the Ending. Setting The setting that is described at the beginning of Chapter 6 is more or less the same as the description at the beginning of Chapter 1. For Example: Chapter 1 - "The Salinas river ... runs deep and green" Chapter 6 - "The deep green pool of the Salinas River" These quotes are nearly the same apart from that they are worded differently. However, chapter 6 is set later in the day (not the same day). So, technically, the characters go nowhere. As soon as Lennie and George appear in the setting in chapter 1, the environment is disturbed. Therefore this makes you think that wherever George and Lennie go, they are going to disturb the environment / atmosphere. Foreshadowing I am going to be looking at how past-events prepare you for the ending of the novel. In the beginning of the novel, as we know, Lennie kills a mouse. At this time, I didn't think anything of this. But then, in chapter 5, Lennie kills a puppy. I don't think this may have been accidental. So, we know its only a matter of time until he kills a human. ...read more.


This is used to calm you and make you picture the environment as a natural environment, which it is. But all of a sudden, when Lennie and George appear in the chapter, all the sentences go short. The lazy languid sentences that were being used before are now short and sharp sentences. The vowels are also shorter than before. This is repeated as well in the setting before Lennie kills Curly's wife. Nothing changes when he starts stroking her hair but as soon as she says, "Look out, now, you'll muss it". The sentence structure changes yet again. This is because when she says that quote, she is nervous. It is the first sign that she is nervous Therefore the environment is disturbed so all the sentences that were long, are now short and sharp. Plot-Development In this paragraph I am going to be talking about how certain events work up to prepare you for the ending of the novel. One of the main obvious examples of plot-development, is a cycle of animals that Lennie slowly works through. First, Lennie starts off with a mouse, "Uh-uh. Jus' a dead mouse, George. I didn't kill it. Honest! I found it, I found it dead". This is what Lennie says to George when George finds a dead mouse which Lennie is stroking with his thumb. ...read more.


However, when she dies, the dream dies. This shows that she was a symbol of life and the only means of escape. But her dream was to become a movie star and be free. As we know, the only way of escaping off the ranch is through death. This ten leads to the death, so her dreams lead her to death. This then leads to the death of Lennie because George also wants to be free, from Lennie. Lennie is compared to a bear throughout the novel, for example: "Lennie dabbled his big paw" This is the kind of action that a bear, or any other large creature, would perform. The reason why Lennie is compared to a bear is because of the fact that the features of a bear are identical to Lennie. They are both aggressive. An example of this is later seen in the novel. They are both also strong, dangerous, slow, lumbering, stupid, clumsy, they are also a victim of their own strength (Lennie kills the mouse, puppy and Curly's wife without realising he is doing so at the time). The idea of Lennie being hunted at the beginning and the end causes the death of Lennie in the end because Lennie is a comparison to a bear because he is a victim of his own strength and impulses, just like a bear. ...read more.

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