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Of mice and men essay.

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Allyson Koerber OF MICE AND MEN ESSAY If a tragedy is dependant upon a central character coming to a realization about his or her life, or an understanding of life, then John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men is not a tragedy. It does, however, have a tragic ending, and cuts off far too sharply for the reader to understand what the main characters are going through. George and Lennie are the central characters of Of Mice And Men. Their lives revolve around suffering and pain, as well as friendship and dreams. George takes this all especially hard. "I could live so easy. ...read more.


Perhaps Lennie's only real anguish is when he accidentally kills Curley's wife. Lennie's visions while hiding in the brush give life to his own unvoiced worries about being a burden to George. He realises that he is not wanted around because he needs looking after. Lennie's fright at the thought of George leaving demonstrates his ultimate helplessness. Lennie only appears to suffer at the end of the novel, and soon afterwards revises his shortcomings in life. George, on the other hand, knows from the beginning what he is going through. He thinks he is really badly done by, and tries all the time to improve his lot. ...read more.


This is not a deficiency in the story, but leaves scope for the imagination of the reader, depending on their own attitudes and experiences. Of Mice And Men contains some of the criteria for a tragedy, and yet it doesn't quite fit. There are only hints at the edges of what is to come, and if those hints were developed to give more information about what the characters are thinking, it would become a perfect tragedy. Lennie, although going through his life with hallucinations, does not have the realization or understanding to class this novel as a true tragedy by the above definition, and George's opinions are not full developed. Overall, John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men is a tragic story, but not a tragedy. ...read more.

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