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Of mice and men - Film review.

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Media essay Of mice and men Film review Of mice and men I would encourage people to read and watch the film it is really good and I think that it is for ever age. There existing bits in the film and added bits like were George is talking to curly wife in the barn and the existing bits are the one where George is feeling curly wife hair she come in to the barn because she wants to talk to some one and she think that George will talk to her but she stumble upon a puppy that he had killed but she did not know that she was his next victim. The opening of the film is good it start of with a train and then goes on to a girl shouting and screaming 'rape'. George and lennie then run to hide in the river and hide to the lynch mob goes passed. After the cool and existing advent they then go and get work cards and travel to and ranch to work. After caching the bus to the town a few miles down the road the driver tells them to get of and wall. ...read more.


But panic in others makes Lennie panic: this happened when he tried to "pet" a girl's dress, in Weed, and happens again twice in the narrative: first, when he is attacked by Curley, and second, when Lennie strokes the hair of Curley's wife. Candy is an old man who sweeps and cleans up all the time with a missing hand. He lost his hand in a machine he did get paid compensation for this. He is quite friendly, although we see evidence that he is quite a gossip, from how he eagerly tells George and Lennie how Curley keeps Vaseline in his glove, and by how he eavesdrops on the two. Candy is lonely, and feels isolated from the other men because of the large age difference between them. His best friend was his dog, and once that had been killed, he took up with George and Lennie so that he would have a sense of security and not be alone in his old age. Slim works as a jerk line skinner on the ranch where the story is set, driving a team of mules. This is a position which carries a lot of authority and power. ...read more.


The Boss only appears thing that once in the whole book, when he meets George and Lennie at the beginning. The only sure we can say about the Boss is that he, like his son Curley, has a very aggressive and intolerant attitude the stocky, well-dress man in charge of the ranch, and Curley's father. He is never named and appears only once, but seems to be a fair-minded man. Candy happily reports that he once delivered a gallon of whiskey to the ranch-hands on Christmas Day. After watching and reading Of Mice and Men the plot might of bean changed in the film but it still portrays the same message. It is a short and easily film, it is tightly held together. At the end of the film, the dream dies. As soon as Candy sees the body of Curley's wife, he understands his own loss of a dream and curses her for it. George also knows the dream has died with Lennie's death, and the film ends with his going off to spend his money on liquor. He no longer has a reason to save his pennies. Without a dream, his life is sad and meaningless. By Aaron Foot ...read more.

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