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Of mice and men - George's character

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#2. George possesses many fine, admirable qualities in the novel, however there is one action he ultimately commits which is evil. Of George's good qualities, his self respect and respect for others are his most outstanding. He displays all of these qualities many times throughout the book, and never are these qualities contradicted, except in one evil act that George commits. George is a character who has great respect for himself. Often, we stereotype homeless, drifter types such as George as people who have no concern for personal hygiene, appearance, or even something as simple as a clean place to sleep. George, however, is a living example that disproves this stereotype. When George and Lenny first arrive on the ranch, George is assigned a bed in the bunkhouse. When George proceeds to put his belongings on a shelf next to his bed, he finds a bottle that reads, "positively kills lice, roaches, and other scourges,"(20). After George finds this, he responds, "What the hell kind of bed you giving us, anyways. We don't want no pants rabbits,"(20). This shows that George does care if he has a clean bed to sleep in; we sometimes think a person like George wouldn't care about this. Throughout the novel, George shows his respect for others many times. The character that George respects the most is Slim. ...read more.


Once a stake of around 600 dollars is accumulated, George and Lenny plan to buy a small piece of land, about 10 acres, and move into the house on it. " '...Someday-we're gonna get the jack together and we're gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an' a cow and some pigs and-" "An' live off the fatta the lan,' Lennie shouted,"(15). George is the one who initially came up with this dream. Initially, George just told Lennie of this dream to amuse him. George, though, never thought this would ever happen. With the inclusion of Candy in the plan, though, George begins to believe this dream. He still has a feeling that he won't achieve it. From what the novel says, we can conclude that Lennie and George will never achieve this dream, because Lennie is dead. We can also deduce that George will never settle down and buy some land on his own. Candy has a dream similar to George and Lennie's, however he wants a different feeling out of the dream. What Candy is looking for is a sense of security. This is important to someone like Candy, who, having a relatively unstable job, could be fired at any time. Also, Candy is disabled, so he would have a hard time finding another job, especially in a time like the Great Depression. ...read more.


Whenever he gets the opportunity, he will challenge someone to a fight. This is partially due to the fact that he's an avid boxer, and it's also due to his mentality. He has the classic "little guy" mentality, always wanting to be able to beat up people, to make up for his size. George has much respect for himself. He shows this in the beginning of the novel, when he finds the lice killer next to the bed. He knows that he deserves a clean bed, because he has much respect for himself. Curly, though, has no respect for himself. He's always trying to be better than other people, trying to show up people. He has to build himself up to make up for his lack of confidence and respect for himself. George has much respect for others. He respects Slim greatly, and takes Slim's word as law. He also respects Crooks, by realizing that it's best for Lennie to stay out of his room. George doesn't look for fights because he has respect for people, and isn't willing to stoop to the level of Curly. By punching Lennie just for supposedly laughing at him, Curly shows that he has no respect for Lennie. If he did, he would not have had any reason to fight him. Curly fought Lenny on grounds of respect; he wanted to gain respect from others if he won the fight. Liam Localio Period 4 Of Mice and Men-essay test 12/18/02 ...read more.

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