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Of Mice and Men- In the extract we see that Crooks is very cynical towards the American dream

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?Of Mice and Men?- Crooks essay In this section Lennie, Candy and Crooks are in Crooks? room. Crooks lives by himself because he is the only black man on the ranch. He is bookish and likes to keep his room neat, but he has been so beaten down by loneliness and prejudicial treatment of that he is now suspicious of any kindness he receives, when Lennie enters his room, he soon realizes that Lennie is mentally disabled and find pleasure in tormenting Lennie about what would happen if George didn?t return, this reveals a mean streak in crooks that he developed from being alone. Candy then comes in and he and Lennie accidentally reveal to him their dream of the ranch. In the extract we see that Crooks is very cynical towards the American dream, ??you guys is just kiddin? yourself.?? Crooks dismisses the dream as nothing more than something that is just in the heads of these workers. As a more permanent member of the ranch due to the accident leading to his crooked back, Crooks see?s so many itinerant workers come and go from the ranch with the same dream, ?Seems like ever? guy got land in his.? And he knows that not ...read more.


He is placed in the harness room which was not intended for human inhabitation. Candy?s first mention of Crooks reveals the misunderstandings that occur, ?The stable buck don?t give a damn.? Candy just assumes that?s Crooks his perfectly fine about the way he is treated when the boss is mad, however we see later on the Crooks certainly is not fine but because of the racial segregation that surrounds him, Crooks can?t speak up about how he feels and just has to accept it, which Candy misunderstands. The casual way characters use racist terms when referring to him suggests that this attitude is regarded as acceptable on the ranch, ?Nigger, huh?? Even George refers to him as a ?nigger? as do the other ranch workers, who we are told often use Crooks as entertainment. Slim is the only one, other than Lennie who does not understand racial prejudice, who offers Crooks the respect of calling by his name. Racial Oppression has destroyed Crooks? dreams so that he has given up hope in any chance of having a life without prejudice however when the idea that Lennie and Candy are actually so close to achieving their dream he gains hope again, ?You say you got the money?? ...read more.


Crooks sleeps in the harness room and is segregated from the other ranch workers. He has become hardened and embittered by the way he is routinely treated. However, when he is swept along by Lennie and Candy?s dream, he lets his guard down temporarily. Nonetheless, after Curley's wife remind him that he is still racially inferior to the others, he retreats back to his bitter shell. Crooks represents the plight of the disenfranchised, disempowered blacks caught in the economic poverty and racism of 1930?s America. Crooks? situation is made worse by his social isolation as the only black worker on the ranch and by the fact he is disabled by his crooked spine. Crooks reveals to us things that help the reader understand the lives of men and women in the 1930?s. He tells how so many itinerant workers all have the same dream but he knows they all have no hope of getting it. We also see how minority groups especially black people were harshly treated in an attitude regarded acceptable. Crooks although he is not one the major characters in the novel, has a strong role in portraying how racism was dealt and also reveals the loneliness and isolation those in the 1930?s had to endure. Charlotte Withell 10H ...read more.

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