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"Of Mice and Men". Loneliness is at the heart of this novel. What do you think?

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Loneliness is at the heart of this novel-What do you think? Loneliness is shown throughout this novel through the many different characters. A quote used in the novel is 'Guys like us, that live on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world'. This would be because of the time period the novel was written about, that being the Great Depression in America, where men went off on their own to earn money working on ranches because of the lack of jobs. Lennie and George are then portrayed to be the opposite of this trend by the fact that they have been travelling together as friends for apparently a while. This quote also applies to the other ranch workers that are mentioned throughout the novel including Candy and Slim. ...read more.


Slim is also a ranch worker who has been travelling in search for a job. He is a trusted person that George confesses the previous acts of Lennie to, he seems to understand the friendship between Lennie and George, with him most likely wanting a companion like they have in each other. The first quote also applies to him. Crooks is a black veterinarian, the only black person who works on the ranch. He symbolises all the black people of the time period-solitary because of racism towards them. Crooks is also lonely by his own doing in a way; he is a proud man who distances himself from the other workers. ...read more.


is seen as a possession of her husband, and her husband contributes to her loneliness by attempting to distance her from everyone else on the ranch, seeing her as his, and his alone. Curley's wife in this novel represents all women of the time period, with the loss of their own identity in favour of their new husbands. The women during the great depression were seen as a prize that men got and they were expected to keep quiet whilst being the perfect housewife (cooking, cleaning and making babies). Taking this into consideration it could be inferred that Curley is also lonely by the fact that he wants to keep his wife to himself. This could be his misguided way of having a permanent companion in his wife. Elli Hetherington ...read more.

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