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of mice and men media

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Of mice and men Of mice and men is a novel about two ranch workers Lennie and George, Lennie appears as a huge childish character who doesn't mean no harm but is capable of killing people and animals in an instant. Lennie might be a bit mentally disabled from when he got kicked by a horse and has the mind of a child. George is Lennie's hero and best friend and even though Lennie is so huge George is his protector. Lennie sometimes gets angry and upset because he always has to look after Lennie and keep Lennie out of trouble while at the same time making a living from ranches. George can be cruel to Lennie and is most times but he wants what is best for Lennie. ...read more.


Curly was a boxer and liked to pick fights with bigger men to prove himself. Curly's wife was often flirty with the men on the ranch and this made Curly paranoid. One day Curly got upset with Lennie for smirking at him so he picked a fight. Lennie didn't want to fight Curly, and he especially did not want to hurt him. But Lennie ended up breaking Curly's hand because he had George's approval. Lennie and George made a plan which was there dream. They wanted to raise enough money to buy their own little piece of land that they could farm and raise rabbits on because Lennie loved rabbits so much that's all he goes on about throughout the novel tending the rabbits. ...read more.


He shook her so hard that he killed her. This was bad for Lennie because this had happened in the past hence them coming to the California ranch and this happened when George had just got settled in and made new friends. When George heard the news he knew what had to be done. He found Lennie in some woods before anyone else and shot him in the back of the head. The setting is just outside of Soledad, California. The story line takes place over a couple of days. John Steinbeck uses irony to make the story interesting an example of this is Lennie; he is an ironic character because he has twice the strength and size of a normal man but only half of a normal man's brain. Also George was Lennie's protector for long while and George ends up killing Lennie after years of protecting him and looking after him. ...read more.

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