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Of mice and Men original Writing

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Of Mice and Men Chapter 7 The wind was howling, manipulating the leaves of the brush to make soundless movements. The full moon was up, almost being drowned by the shadows of dreamlessly still moving clouds. There was an atmosphere of confusion. "Lennie!", George cried out. He was helplessly searching for his crony. For the first time, he had lost his companion: "Where did he wonder off?" Worry had engulfed George's mind, he knew Curly and the other hawks were out for their victim, and he knew that Lennie's small mind was just the prey they desired. He began to gain speed, dodging the green oblong leaves, viciously falling down from the slender and weary branches of this malicious forest. Trying to avoid being seen he slipped through the bog like terrain: "Lennie!" George yelled again, this time he continued; "Lennie...Lennie, where are you...Lennie!" Hopelessly, George continued to mindlessly search the empty woodland. Full of life there was nothing, nothing except the quiet creeks in the distance. George knew instantly; "Curly" he whispered to him self. Suddenly everything clicked; he remembered what he had said to Lennie, before they even reached the ranch. He remembered about the meeting place. Now his only hope was if he could reach it first, but as he looked around, desperately he discovered that he had been walking without awareness, he was lost. ...read more.


Slim began: "Look, I aint gonna tell ya no more, if u didn't do what u did then Curly an' his folks would've lynched him, you got that!?" Slim further enquired. George curled up his fist. "Are you listening to me, George, if u didn't do what u did then Curl-" "Curly, he's the bitch hat started this!" The moon was brightly glimmering creating shadows on the faces of these two men. "He's gonna pay" he claimes whilst searching his pillow case and duvets. "What are you looking for, you aint gonna do nothing stupid are ya?" Slim asked. "Cos if your gonna kill Curly with the gun, I took it away" Slim was now acting as if he was worried about Curly but deep inside there was nothing but hate: "You should murder that son of a bitch nothin' but your bare hands" No one knows but the ranch actually belonged to Slim's parents, until they died in a major accident in the swampy river. Slim was only young so his uncle, Curly's father had taken over ranch. Since that day, Slim has been working lie a mule in a dry desert whilst Curly and his father ruled the riches gained from this goldmine. Hostility, which had been stored for so many years could be seen in Slims eyes, he desired revenge, he wanted his ranch back and he knew: he knew that if Curly died then his uncle would have no choice but to let him be the heir to stupendous property. ...read more.


George's awe and shock instantly turned into violent rage as he realized what Curly had done. He picked himself up and reached for the axe. Curly realized what George was about to do and in panic and confusion fumbled around his pockets. George's madness driven his body to lift up the axe and run, his focus concentrated solely on the source of his hatred, Curly. In a flurry of screaming and cursing, the two men collided. George brought down the axe, the blunt blade making contact with Curly's chest. He smiled as he uttered, "You may rest in peace". As Curly fell to the floor, the axe was clanged to his body. George slowly retreating, stopped- his just realised the pain he was in. He looks down and stared in horror at a blade - Curly's knife - wedged right under his ribs. Crimson slowly starts to stain his shirt, as George struggles to maintain his vision. He began to suffocate; the pain had reached his whole body. He knew he had taken revenge for Lennie, he died in peace. Dull and puce were the only visible colours in the room. There was the moon, but no stars to be seen. The wind howled but there was no one to hear it. And there was life, but no one to live it. ?? ?? ?? ?? English Language Original Writing Of Mice and Men chapters 7 and 8 Sanee Patel Page 1 out of 4 ...read more.

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