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Of Mice and Men. Plot and character outlines. The theme of dreams.

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Of Mice and Men Coursework The book 'Of Mice and Men' was written by john Steinbeck and is set in the 1930s in America. This was the time of the Great Depression which was a severe worldwide economic depression in the decade preceding World War II. The depression originated in America, starting with the stock market crash on October 29TH 1929 known as black Tuesday. The great depression had devastating effects on the on the whole world with mass unemployment and economic decline in virtually every territory. The depression led to a drop in demand for primary sector industries such as farming, mining and logging this in turn led to deflation. Many people lost faith in conventional currency and instead turned to gold and other precious metals, a similar Pattern is emerging with our economy today, as precious metals are seen as a safe investment compared to fluctuating stock prices or the unpredictable currency values. 'Of Mice and Men' tells the story of two migrant field workers trying to find work during the great depression- , George Milton an intelligent cynical man and the ironically named Lennie small. They find work on a ranch near Soledad and "try to get a stake" they hope to one day settle down on their own piece of land, this is a reference to the American dream, Lennie's American dream is ,which he never tires of hearing George describe, merely to "tend them rabbits" and "living of the fatta' the lan". ...read more.


George wanting to protect Lennie from the pain of being hung decides instead to shoot him in the back of the head similar to the way Candy's dog was so mercilessly killed. Another character who has a dream is Candy. Candy is a decrepit old man who is described as a "swamper" who lost his hand at the end of his useful life on the ranch. He wishes to join George and lennie to escape the ranch. His dream is to join George and lennie and seeks security in his old age. He is desperate and determined to make it happen as he is afraid he will end up like his dog as he will be sacked as soon as he becomes too old to do any work. Candy is considered useless as he only has one hand "I got hurt four years ago... they'll can me pretty soon". Candy's only friend on the ranch was his dog who was shot and so he seeks company and doesn't want to be lonely any more, wants company in his old age "I won't have no place to go, an' I can't get no more jobs" Candy's dream doesn't come true as he has to abandon his plans as lennie is killed and George has to leave town as many of the men at the ranch believe that he might have been conspiring with lennie. At this Candy,s American dream is crushed. ...read more.


"Seems like Curly is cockier than ever since he got married". His dreams were dashed as he had to stay on the ranch and was not allowed to follow his dream, this may be why he is so bitter and angry .He also cannot even keep his wife as she seems to wander off a lot. His dreams are further crushed as his hand is badly damaged in a fight with Lennie. As his hand is broken he will never be able to fight again, as well as the shame of being beaten by someone who is considered to be mentally handicapped really damaged his reputation. To sum up, most the characters in the book have a dream of some sort. All of the characters dreams in the book 'of mice and men' do not come true .Lennie and Georges dream is slashed by Lennie killing Curlys wife and her dreams are slashed as she is killed but Curly's wife dose finally decide to leave Curly which was part of her dream. Candy's dream dies with Lennie as George is not interested in the farm anymore. Crooks had his dream when he used to own his own bit of land but it was taken away from him and so his dream was crushed. They chased their dreams but none of them came true which has reference to the American dream which many people chased but most never achieve. ?? ?? ?? ?? By marc di-trolio ...read more.

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