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Of Mice and Men - Prose study.

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Of Mice and Men The prose which I have studied is called "Of Mice and Men" it was written by a man named John Steinback, a late American author who was born in 1902. The book was published in 1937, but was set in the 1930s at an all American ranch at the time of the harsh depression. I think that the author John Steinback had many intentions in this book, I think that one of these is to show the amount of prejudice that was going on at the time, for example when Lenny arrived at the ranch all of the other workers acted differently around him compared to how they were with George, this is because Lenny was slow and he didn't realise that he was different to everybody else. Also he might have wanted to show what it was like to be alone like Lenny and George, with no-0one else to turn to they look out for each other, and George gives Lenny support and guidance, while Lenny gives George Company. These things are passing on information from John Steinback about what life was like in the 1930s. The story was set in the 1930s, the way people acted then differs greatly to how they are now, for example racism, the workers were openly racist to Crooks (the only black worker), Curley was by far the worst, he didn't care about how ...read more.


I feel that there were two main characters in the story which are Lenny and George so I will write about them both. Lenny is a less able person, but deep down we know that he is kind hearted and he means no wrong to anybody, he has no friends and this is why he looks up to George. He has some wild ideas about what he wants but we know that realistically these ideas will never come true. At the start of the story Lenny amuses George but as we look further into the book I got a feeling as if George finds Lenny annoying and George finds Lenny intolerable. Unlike all the others Lenny doesn't follow the crowd, he does what he wants, not knowing what people think of him, Lenny is a very tall, bald, built man, he is always trying to do well but most of the time he only ends up causing trouble. George is the second main character in the story; he is a short, stocky, intelligent man. George is Lennys only friend and always looks out for him even though Lenny doesn't always realise this. He is always thinking ahead and doesn't let anything get in his way, when Lenny gets himself into trouble George is the one who tries to get him out of it giving him advice along the way. ...read more.


He is not allowed to talk to any of the white workers. Slim is another character in the book he is put in charge of all the workers, so everybody looks up to him, he is always one step ahead of everybody because e is very clever. Carlson is a big stomached, joke full man, when he firstly encounters Lenny and George he greets them kindly, but Carlson is the one who suggests the killing of Candy's dog. I think that John Steinback has one main writing style and that is that there is a theme of prejudice all the way through the story. He is trying to show that people would acted different to anybody who was not the same as everyone else, in this one book he shows two main types of prejudice; Sexism and racism. John Steinback does this very well and the way that he does it is also very clever, he focuses around one point at a time and then creates many different aspects to write about. The way that he written the book "Of Mice and Men" was very good, it makes you think about the way different people were treated at this time and the way in which they lived. John Steinback fits so much information into this book; it gives a good idea of different lifestyles. ...read more.

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