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"Of Mice and Men" quote analysis from Chapter 4 describing Crooks.

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Olivia Meier Ch.4 Setting and Character ?Plank door leading to the barn. (66) I think this says that Crooks is treated like an animal since is own room is attached to the barn where the animals live. ?. On the wall by the window there were pegs on which hung broken harness in process of being mended; strips of new leather; and under the window itself curved knives and needles and balls of linen thread, and a small hand riveter. On pegs were also pieces of harness, a slit collar with the horsehair stuffing sticking out a, a broken hame, and a trace chain with its leather covering split. (66) What I think this says is that Crooks is treated badly and he is treated like an animal. Crooks is treated badly because he has a different skin color then all the other men. ...read more.


other men because he has been there for such a long time and he is a cripple so he doesn?t think they would get rid of him. ? Books on a special shelf (67) Crooks seems to read a lot because he is very lonely. Books seem to be his only friend, or companion to talk to because no one else talks to him and he lives alone in his room. ?A pair of large gold-rimmed spectacles (67) These large spectacles I think are very interesting. I think they could be his reading glasses because they hang over his bed or they might be a special object to him. The glasses I think might be very special to him and he might have gotten them from a family member of his a long time ago. ...read more.


? Proud and aloof (67) When they were describing the how neat his room was I thought he was very proud of his room and the space that he had. Even though he would rather be with all the men in the bunkhouse he feels as though this is his, and when he goes into his room he is completely safe and he can do whatever he wants. I think Crooks is a little lonely and he wants people to talk to him but I don?t think he likes the other men at the ranch too much. He doesn?t like the other men at the ranch because he knows a guy like him that has a different color can get into a lot of trouble because the other men are ranked higher than him and have more power. ...read more.

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