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Of Mice And Men Review

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Of Mice And Men The story Of Mice And Men starts of with George and Lennie camping a quarter a mile of the ranch that they are going to work in soledad. George and Lennie are in soledad because they got chased out of weed. The first impression you would get about Lennie is that he is very forgetful and needs someone to look after him and tell him what to do E.g. In extract 2 Lennie says "Oh sure George. I remember that now." The first impression that you get about George and Lennie is that George is the more dominant one and he looks after Lennie and tells him what to do E.g. In extract 2 George says to Lennie "You never had none, you crazy bastard. ...read more.


George says "Ranch hands are the loneliest guys in the world" meaning that people that work in the ranch are lonely and have no family. George and Lennie are different because although they don't have no family they have each other, which they count as family. George and Lennie are together because Lennies aunt Clara asked George to take care of Lennie when she was about to die, she wanted George to look after Lennie because she saw how well they get on together. George sees Lennie as a friend but also feels sorry for him because Lennie cant think for himself. Throughout the story George and Lennie have a dream, there dream is to "Have a house with a couple of acres a cow and some pigs an live off the fatta the land" they were also going to buy some rabbits for Lennie to tend and pet. ...read more.


Another way that we can tell something will go wrong is when curleys wife is introduced, when curleys wife is introduced we can tell that she will cause trouble because George always keeps pointing out that she will. In The end George shot Lennie because Lennie was suffering and George knew that if the others found him they would kill him and George knew that he couldn't keep running away so he put Lennie out of his suffering and killed him. "I ought to have shot that dog myself George. I shouldn't ought to let no stranger shoot my dog" This quote played a major part in the story because this is why George shot Lennie, Because Lennie was Georges and if anyone was going to shoot Lennie it should have been George. ...read more.

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