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"Of Mice and Men" - review

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"Of Mice and Men" Prose Study Coursework Essay The story of "Of Mice and Men" is a novel written by John Steinbeck. It's a novel that is set in America in California near the town of Soledad. It is set in the 1930s. This was a time of economic depression, which happened when the New York Wall Street Stock market collapsed. Everything just plundered into the ground. America was losing money and businesses were failing. There was a lot of harsh poverty and there was a lot of unemployment so people were looking for jobs wherever they could. Farm workers came from all over America in search of jobs in California. Some because their crops failed and needed work. This made hoards of migrant workers. "Of Mice and Men" is about two migrant workers who are travelling together and usually two migrant workers travelling together was rare to see. They were travelling form ranch to ranch in search of a job and money. They find themselves in a place just south of Soledad. This is where a man called George Milton and Lennie Small find work on a ranch. They have come from a place called Weed where Lennie had got into trouble with a girl and George his best friend helped Lennie escape from the people out to kill him. ...read more.


This way would be best way to stop Curley from hurting him. Lennie is so mad that he doesn't know what he is doing half the time. "He's nuts, Slim" this is showing George is worried about what might happen if he went to a mental hospital. It also shows that George realizes that Lennie is mad and understands that he didn't mean to know what he was doing. I feel that if he killed Lennie it would be the nicest way to kill him. I think that the death of Candy's dog is echoed in the bock because when Candy says, "that he should have killed his dog himself" this shows how if George killed Lennie and how it would have hurt George more if he didn't kill Lennie and it shows how bad Candy felt when he lost his companion and best friend. Steinbeck prepares us for the ending by mirroring the part where George tells Lennie that if he got in trouble and which he did. I think that this almost implying that he will get in trouble and they must meet up at the pool. Another way is by showing us the way that Lennie likes to pet things but kills them because he pets them to hard. The way Steinbeck does this is that he shows Lennie all dumb and doesn't know what's happening, but underneath he is very strong person. ...read more.


There is so much death in the book that someone had to die. It is the death of George in a way because he lost his friendship and how he's an ordinary migrant worker now. Lennie deserved to die because he took a life and George realised it was the best way Lennie wouldn't of been allowed to get away with it. George in a sense was always going on about how "if weren't around my life would be so much easier" this is a kind of act because us the reader really know that George would never be the same without Lennie. Although this is a signpost to Lennie's future when finally he is without Lennie and we see that his life is not easier. I think the ending suggests that the friendship between George and Lennie was not pointless. I think that George got a lot of his friendship he got a sense of companionship. This is showed by him feeling bad and having so much courage to kill his best friend. George and Lennie's friendship gave them a hope for there future. As soon as Lennie killed Curley's wife all there hopes and dreams were shattered and George learnt the hard way what had to be done to Lennie. This is not pointless because George leant a lot from their friendship, a companion to talk to about anything a dream that could of come true and this taught a great lesson to George. ...read more.

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