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Of Mice and Men; The next chapter

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Of Mice and Men; The next chapter The brisk autumn breeze swirled the brown and crisp leaves in the same old pattern. George felt he had seen this all too many times. He needed a change. "But how?" he said quietly to himself while he sat alone in the bunk house. He heard an uproar outside and muffled his ears with his hands. He didn't want to hear anybody or anything. Slim came striding in. "Those guys are fighting again over money. Is that the on'y that matters at this ranch?" George just lay on his bed with his eyes closed and his hands over his ears. Slim sensed George's remorse. "George, you hadda' do it. There was no other way. If you hadnta' done it, Curley wouldda'" "I know" George mumbled "I admire your courage, George!" Slim said as he patted him on the stomach and got up. "You comin' to town tonight?" "no" was all George could manage to say as he was holding his tears back so well that nobody would have known he even had a tear in his body. ...read more.


He wasn't happy in the ranch at all, and it was reminding too much of Lennie. He needed out! So that night in the dead of night, he packed his things silently and got up to leave. As he opened the door he heard somebody waking up and then realised it was just Carlson turning over. He stood in the door way creating a breath-taking silhouette of him looking out at the moons glow. He set of on his journey north. He had a picture in his head of what he was going to do. He was going to travel north for as long as his legs could carry him and when he could not go anymore, that's where he would find his true life's work. He had convinced himself that his theory will see him through. So he started on the dirt path with a sign post saying; San Francisco. In his head he thought that from there he would try and find a way to get to New York. ...read more.


George was going to be a daddy! He rushed home with his soon-to-be-wife and started to plan their small white wedding. They made each decision together, carefully! Their wedding would take place in the summer in a little church just outside of the town they lived in. George was talking about invitations; "We gotta invite my old friend Slim, and Le-......." The mood dampened and George hung his head, and Robin walked over and hugged George tight around his shoulders. "It'll be fine. He will be there." She said in a low comforting voice. Days went by and the wedding past and Robin's due date was approaching. When she started contracting George got frightened and went into panic mode. He brought her to the front room and closed the dusty curtains and told her to breathe as a miracle took place, the miracle of life. "What'll we call it darlin'?" "Can we call it...?" "Lennie!" They both said at the same time with the same amount of glee as the each other. And it was settled. So little Lennie grew up with the most loving family in the whole world! Megan McBride 10F ...read more.

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